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{UAH} 135Billion was stolen by officials in the Office of Prime Minister

Tony Owana/ Ahmed kateggea/ Ivan Kampe/ Edward Mo irundrua,

And you complain when I say we  will march Ruhakana Rugundu to the gallows to hang, no matter how obese,  fat- arsed and  and heavy he is. Thugs like  Rugundu have ruined our country and must dance to the music whether they like it or not..


The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has over the years paid gratuity to unverified Luwero-Rwenzori triangle veterans, which might cause the Government financial loss, the Auditor General (AG) has said. OPM has since 2008 paid over sh135b to 60,948 beneficiaries of the KASIIMO initiative under the...

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