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By Jacqueline Tsuma
Before we bought a home 5 years ago, we were spending money indiscriminately.
We didn't know we needed to save, or we did know but didn't care.
We bought whatever met our fancy. And with good jobs from working in international organizations as expatriates, that was a lot of stuff!
Then we had the good fortune to buy a home. And suddenly, we were paying almost 4,000 USD monthly towards a mortgage.
And we were shocked to realize that we could have been doing this all along.
See no one really tells young newly married professionals how to spend their money, let alone what to spend it on.
And we lucked out.
We got financing for a mortgage through being connected to a bank by a fellow international who had just got their mortgage to buy a house with the same bank
We viewed and chose a property while we were back home in Kenya and bought it within months.
And we use that home located by the beach every year with our extended family, life is good. Oh, and did I mention that our property made us 6-figures revenue in dollars and is helping pay itself back through rental income? The fun just never stops.
But we realized that not everyone lucks out as we did, and after we helped a few friends to do the same, we realized that so many more needed the help that we got. And the lessons that we learned (expensive lessons like not taking contractor recommendations from your gardener, that particular one cost us $6,000! And not choosing one's partners wisely, that one cost another $4,000!)

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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