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{UAH} Stella Nyanzi or Shamim Malende : who will be next Kampala Women MP?

By Caesar Lubanga-kene

This ka small girl Malende may actually upset Stella Nyanzi, though she looks young enough to be her daughter.
I watched NBS big talk today with 1000s others, featuring these two smart women aspiring to represent Kampala women in parliament
Quite a great show, Canary is a good moderator, calm, sharp, informed and in charge. It's the first time I'm hearing Malende speak. She's lit. Stella's litter.
I am happy with either Stella or Shamim
I'm just getting to know Shamim, but on Stella there are two small issues I have observed.
One is the 1.2 Billion campaign fundraiser. As she's begging for donations, Shamim is taking full advantage by Appearing with Bizonto freed on all media platform Headlines, after securing their bail. She's always on Bobi's right side at Public Events
Second is the Nyanzi's persistent unfriendly attack on PP and NUP and Bobi Wine that is getting louder by the day.
Today at some point, Stella even said, she has met many disgruntled former PP supporters, disappointed because "they don't understand NUP" She says she's been taking them to FDC to buy cards
Even if this was the case, you don't want to rub it in their face because you need their votes and hype too. That's why Nyanzi is between the fence in the first place. If she works on these two through tact and diplomacy, she will prevail, otherwise PP have soldier have started pushing her aside to front Shamim
Five Determinant Factors will play for the two.
1. Who Bobi Wine will endorse
It's not difficult to answer this question as Bobi Wine and NUP and PP need to get members of his party to Parliament to build his movement beyond 2021
2. Who Besigye and Lukwago will endorse
It's not difficult to answer this question either as FDC needs to get members of its party to Parliament too. Lukwago has a history of NOT endorsing people, he didn't endorse Bobi Wine nor the FDC nor DP candidate in Kyadondo. But now hes in FDC full time, he will, and Besigye has always religiously endorsed official FDC candidates
I anticipate these two winning Kampala like they have always. I don't know Bobi Wine is being followed by youth everywhere. Here Stella has a big advantage, probably reason to disentangle from PP that has clearly evolved to NUP, attacks or pretending that she doesn't understand NUP stretches her further from both sides. Everywhere but nowhere
3. Who the Online Scientists Endorse
Social Media loudest Noise makers who happen to be PP are solidly behind Shamim, from Sewungu, Peng Peng to the foot soldiers, Shamim is gaining so much traction on line of recent, and trending
4. Who the Muslims will endorse
How it works that we have Mohamad in central, Erias Lord mayor, Mubarak, Latif, Nabilah, I cant explain. I doubt if its a coincidence. The powerful Muslims business community though fewer, is very very united and organized, and they always back their fellow Muslims financially and directly to the masses. Shamim has already secured full their backing, I'm sure
5. Who Kampala voters will endorse
Between now and February, a lot will happen, how either candidates conduct their campaigns will sway the victory cup to them. Kampala voters will decide of cos. We wish either of them the best

Patriot in Kampala,East Africa
:Assalamu Alaikum

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