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CHANGE OF GUARDS - The former MUK Guild President, former CA Delegate, former RDC of Pader District, former State House Intelligence Officer, former ISO Spy, former Head of Intelligence in the President's Office and Expert Analyst on Security issues has declared his intentions to contest for the Presidency of Uganda. Shortly before declaring his intention, he had met Gen. Saleh for a private discussion whose details are scanty. He only hinted during one of his TV Talk Shows that "recently Gen. Saleh invited me for a meeting where he asked me what I wanted."

When Museveni declared that the forthcoming general elections were to be conducted by scientific means, Rwomushana was very delighted. He welcomed the idea saying that it suited his campaign strategy. He publicly argued that with campaign rallies banned and that all campaigns would be conducted on radios and Television, those who had been fond of 'ferrying 'mobs' would suffer a heavy blow. He knew that the scientific campaign mode would save him from having to meet the cost of campaigning throughout the country and the associated embarrassment of his failure to pull crowds of followers. He has been publicly urging the Museveni regime to apply an iron-hand in the enforcement of the lockdown. 

His declaration of intention to contest came with his intensified sustained attack on the FDC and in particular the person of Dr. Besigye. Now that Dr. Besigye is rumoured not to make a come back in the presidential race, Rwomushana's attack has shifted to Bobi Wine's People Power platform that he describes as a fang of "Opium Smokers". However, Museveni's most recent ease of the lockdown for the Bodaboda sector has not gone well with Rwomushana.  He is now accusing Museveni of abandoning public health and security concerns for the pursuit of economic and political interests. 

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:Assalamu Alaikum

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