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{UAH} 2021 elections: Museveni to be nominated as presidential candidate on November 2

President Museveni will be nominated as a presidential candidate on November 2, 2020, according to a program released by the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The Electoral Commission declared November 2 and 3 as open dates for candidates that intend to contest for the position of president.

In a letter to the EC , the ruling National Resistance Movement has written to reserve November 2, at 10:00 am as the nomination date for incumbent President Museveni.

"In response to the Electoral Commission Road map 2020/2021, the National Resistance Movement nominates November 2, 2020, at 10:00, am as the date and time respectively, on which the NRM Secretary-General will present NRM presidential flag bearer H. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for nomination as a presidential candidate 2021-2026," a letter copied to EC chairman reads in part.

"The purpose of this letter is to communicate the above, book the aforementioned date and time, and to request to be informed about the venue where the nominations will take place," the letter continues.

In July, Museveni was formally nominated to run as a sole candidate for ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)in next year's presidential election.

The NRM electoral commission chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi Odoi told party members that the body he leads is satisfied that Museveni is the suitable candidate to carry the party's flag in the forthcoming presidential election and asked the Central and National Executive Committees to endorse the candidate.

The top party organs later unanimously endorsed Museveni's candidature.

President Museveni has since 2005 when the country adopted a multiparty system been elected the NRM national chairperson and its flag bearer.

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