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{UAH} DID YOU FOLLOW JOE BIDEN TO FLORIDA YESTERDAY? What a firkin disaster it was !!!!!!!!



Joe Biden has a very serious problem, and this is a posting I am making out of the goodness of my heart. This guy made a round table discussion yesterday in Florida. Do you know why no one is talking about it? It was so bad that even CNN pulled it off air. The photograph below is Joe sitting with Americans and I want you to listen to him to see if he even makes sense to you. When this sitting ended, I have not seen it showing any where on any station for Joe Biden just did not make sense. Please explain to me why this man is being abused this much, he is already holding a 40% lead nationally, let him stay in the basement and wait for the inauguration day.


Joe Biden is not a man to go out there and campaign, it is just too inhumane.

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