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Photo (attached): Idi Amin

Exactly 50 years ago today, on 25th January 1971, His Excellency Field Marshal President Idi Amin Dada was announced on Radio Uganda as the third president of the Republic of Uganda. While several stories have nareated about this succession to power, in reality it happened following a counter coup where the previous president Milton Obote simply planned and orchestrated a forceful take-over of the government, public service, and armed forces by his ethnic group. A premeditated move that Obote had left to be implemented by his most trusted officer, then Captain David Oyite Ojok two days earlier on 23rd January 1971 while Obote was conveniently away in Singapore for the Commonwealth Heads of State conference, and could therefore deny any involvement in the sectarian coup. The actions of David Oyite Ojok led to a resistance and uprising of members of the Uganda Armed forces led by Staff Sergeant Musa Yoga who swiftly took over the military barracks, and later the entire government the following day, and at gun point appointed then army commander General Idi Amin as the new president after detaining Amin for over eight hours on 24th January 1971 at Lubiri barracks when Amin had come to personally investigate what had happened inside the military facility the previous night following David Oyite Ojoks attempt to forcefully take over the facility, and incarcerate all the soldiers whose ethnicity he saw as not loyal to Milton Obote.
Though President Idi Amin has narrated these historic details several times to the international media, including in his first ever face-to-face with the media as the new president at Command Post on 26th January 1971, also two years later in his official speech to African leaders at his first ever attendance at an African Union Heads of State Summit in 1973 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and later in a June 1975 interview to the Africa Report magazine during the OAU summit in Kampala, this history has literally been completely censored, possibly deliberately, by the international media for 45 years, until Sgt Musa Yoga himself finally spoke out in 2015.
While many have said that "Israel and Britain orchestrated  the 1971 Amin coup", 8 years ago I also wrote about the actual minute-by-minute events of those two days as told to me by my father President Idi Amin (see link below), and later by some of the officers involved, and I nareated how it was just a bunch of soldiers fearing for their lives who found themselves having to take over the government from Obote or be murdered.
For some unclear reason, these officers have never been interviewed by any media about what actually happened, and this despite them living freely in Uganda and readily available to this day.
Staff Sergeant Musa Yoga who because of his rank became the circumstancial leader of the 1971 counter-coup when he organized a resistance with his comrades against the Milton Obote plot, he lives quietly today in Arua city in the West Nile region of Uganda. In 2015 he held an extensive and exclusive 3-hour radio interview with an Arua One FM Ugandan journalist called Lemeriga Fadhil, narrating in great detail the untold circumstances following the malicious events orchestrated by Milton Obote on 23rd January 1971, and which, in order to guarantee the end of the Obote sectarian plot to purge the government, civil service, police and the Ugandan army of ethnic groups that Obote saw as untrustworthy, a plot known as "The 50-year Lango Master Plan", led the Staff Sergeant to forcefully request and therefore initiae at gun point the presidency of Field Marshal President Idi Amin Dada on 25th January 1971.
What crime did Amin ever commit in being forced to be president, and being a silent captive of his own soldiers and his country during his entire presidency, serving as the only guarantee for the people of Uganda never to see a return of Milton Obote to power ever again, the very reason why the elders of Kigezi and Ankole regions also formally requested in 1972 his appointment as Life President, until Julius Nyerere of Tanzania intervened, and brought back the very Obote that nobody wanted back, a Milton Obote who couldn't even land at the international airport for fear of being undesired, and who immediately embarked on rigging an election to declare himself president, plus start the revenge mass slaughter of Ugandans all over the country, especially the Baganda ethnic group in Luweero district and the people of West Nile, yet having the guts to claim in unison with the international fake news media fraternity, without ever producing any evidence whatsoever of their claim, that it is Idi Amin who had murdered 500,000 of his own people, and were now murdering Ugandans to create false evidence of their heinous accusations?
Signed: Mr. Hussein Lumumba Amin
Kampala, Uganda

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