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Picture: Uganda's religious leaders recently organized a solemn ceremony where each one held their hands high and released pigeons of peace but the holy birds refused to fly.

His Excellency Field Marshal President Idi Amin Dada never had any hatred or bad feelings towards the late Archbishop Janan Luwum. In fact after years of remarkably excellent relations with the Archbishop and his Church as all photo's and public events show, the Panafricanist leader was shocked to find out that the ever-smiling and seemingly very cordial Janan Luwum was actually plotting against him behind his back, helping dictator Milton Obote return to power. It was even more dumb-founding for President Idi Amin to realize that after receiving an official letter from the Archbishop just weeks earlier, where Janan Luwum is supposedly speaking truth to power and complaining about disappearances and abductions of Amins own government officials, the same Archbishop Janan Luwum was caught red-handed actually engaged in preparing more of the very crimes he was pretending to complain about, and he was doing so using the cloak of the church, and on behalf of former president Milton Obote who was in exile in neighbouring Tanzania trying to return to power now through his ethnic group. It is no secret that they are the only ones in the country sympathetic to Obote even today, and still want a return to oboteism as we speak.
Archbishop Janan Luwum turned out to be one of them, the group of individuals whose silent unwavering support for Oboteism was also based on tribalism and ethnic affinities.
A fatal car accident was reported in the news to have happened at the junction between Kampala Club and todays Sheraton hotel service entrance on 16th February 1977 as Archbishop Janan Luwum was being driven home from a public hearing at Nile mansions together with the Inspector General of Police plus the Minister of Internal Affairs.
At the hearing, Luwum had simply been asked to explain to the people of Uganda what he was doing with a truckload of weapons and ammunition found at his residence at Namirembe Cathedral.
The information about the weapons had been leaked to security services by a disgruntled terrorist who it is alleged was Yoweri Museveni.
There are reports that as a rebel he had been promised the weapons for his own terrorist operations, but was blind-sided by Obote who got the weapons and decided to organize his own terrorist operation with those from his ethnic group, leaving out the Museveni FRONASA faction of the terrorists. The Amin intelligence officer who got the Luwum information from the disgruntled rebel is still alive today, was a serving officer in the defunct NRA, and still serves as a lieutenant in the UPDF as we speak.
I will not mention his name here because even now he is still involved in classified work for the Museveni regime, but both me and Museveni know him personally.
Secondly, while I respect everyone, particularly men and women of God from any religious affiliaton, it is dangerous for anyone to think that a particular individual should be above the law for his crimes simply because of his or her religious credentials. Especially when world history shows that even men of God can spectacularly fail both God and mankind, and examples exist in history where religious leaders have been found to have become part of commiting, inciting or aiding some of the most disturbing crimes against humanity in world history. The Luwum case is one such glaring example that had been prevented.
In Janan Luwum's case, he was actually caught preparing a mass slaughter of Ugandans. His known idol Milton Obote who hails from a not-so-distant village as his, had sent him everything he needed for the heinous task of revenge murders on innocent Ugandans. It was assumed to be particularly targeting the Baganda people. Therefore if Luwum had not been caught, and his ill motives unearthed in a lsecret Obote message found at his residence, the 1980's genocide against Baganda would have secretely started three years earlier in 1977, and Luwum would maliciously be the first to walk to Amin  together with the international media, questioning why Ugandans were being murdered, when in reality it would have been Luwum himself and his idol Milton Obote behind the mass massacre.
The mere fact of finding him with two truckloads of weapons for mass murders is evidence that he was actually preparing to cause more bloodshed while complaining to Amin about murders, abductions and disappearances. Crimes that Luwum actually knew who was behind them from exile in Daresalaam: Milton Obote and his henchmen.
That is how big the evil of Janan Luwum's true story actually is.
For the record, after getting intelligence information, security personnel searched his house the first time and found nothing.
They went back to their offices and verified their information again by talking to the informant, and he confirmed again that the weapons were still at Luwums premises. So police and intelligence officials returned to the location a few days later, and this time they got the weapons which had been hidden in plain sight all along. Investigators had not seen them the first time because of a fake floor that had been used to cover the weapons. Basically the officials had literally been walking right on top of the weapons all along during their first search.
Now this not new information. Everyone knows this part of Luwum's history. But you will never hear anyone of the speakers at Luwum's memorials mentioning this disturbing find because it flies in the face of whatever Luwum was claiming to stand against, especially violence and murders, and here he was preparing to perpetrate more against the people of his own country just so that his brother Milton Obote could return to power. This is the African reality.
Therefore even his purported sainthood in London is an undeserved endeavour benefitting a secret terrorist whose involvement in the plot is founded on tribalism more than any meaningful values claimed by those who today create an image of him that actually didn't exist.
How can one claim to be fighting dictatorship by bringing back the previously deposed dictator and how come one is discontent that the deposed dictator was kicked out of power, yet they claim to be fighting dictatorship?
Obviously we are dealing with ideologically bankrupt "freedom fighters". They were simply terrorists wanting power for themselves as has been proven since then, and which we can now clearly see today with excellent historical hindsight. A regime that would immediately embark on the mass murders that the Amin government had prevented them from starting back in 1977 when Luwum was found with the cache of advanced military grade weaponry.
Even God must be laughing at the gigantic fraud taking place every year during the annual Janan Luwum memorials where they are hell bent on hiding the fact that they are actually talking about a dangerous terrorist who used his holy position to plot death, blood, tribalism and evil against the people of Uganda so that his kin Milton Obote can return to power with their entire ethnic group in government and rule for 50 years as they had originally planned in 1968 in their famous Lango Master Plan, a plot that the Amin government had discovered and interrupted.
All the while Janan Luwum was simply pretending to be concerned about missing persons whom in reality his comrades, Obote's henchmen, had abducted.
I recently wrote about the investigation into the famous abduction of the Amin government Chief Justice the late Ben Kiwanuka, on 21st September 1972. Mr. Kiwanuka was a known arch-enemy of Milton Obote since 1961. It was Obote who did everything with the British to oust Ben Kiwanuka from the prime ministers seat and have himself (Obote) become prime Minister. It is also Obote who imprisoned Ben Kiwanuka eight years later (in 1969) out of sheer hatred against Ben Kiwanuka borne from their political rivalry at Uganda's independence.
In stark contrast, it is Idi Amin who actually released Ben Kiwanuka from Obote's dungeons in 1971 and appointed him Chief Justice of Uganda, a position he held for barely a year before he was abducted never to be seen again to this day.
For now, let it be clear that I have no problem with anyone considering Obote's henchmen as their role models. Even Yoweri Museveni was one of those Obote's henchmen during the Amin government. He clinged to Obote as his boss and hero as together they fought Amin. That is not even in dispute by Museveni himself.
His own book "Sowing the Mustard Seed" gives a clear picture of their political romance together. So strong it was that when Amin overthrew the Obote dictatorship, Museveni immediately went along with Obote and they now claimed to fight dictatorship. All the while Museveni had never been disturbed by Obote's rule and his flagrant grab of power in 1965 when Obote militarily overthrew the independence president of Uganda Sir Edward Muteesa. Obote then summarily changed the constitution by force of military intimidation against members of parliament, and appointed himself President of Uganda.
Museveni does not see anythibg wrong with that. So much so that he literally repeated those very acts against the constitution reuse under his own cunning dictatorship, where he has used the same tricks to have himself remain resident at State House.
Concerning Janan Luwum, I am not discussing what he says about himself or how holy and caring he is being said to have been.
I am talking about a dangerous premeditated crime he was upto, a public safety issue, a criminal matter for the courts of law.
And as if that was not bad enough, he died while actually trying to murder his driver Moses Okello with his bare hands so as to escape justice and not answer for his crimes. For the record Janan Luwum is also the person who cowardly exposed in broad daylight and in public, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Inspector General of Police as his co-conspirators. Nobody had known about the involvement of the two until Luwum himself exposed them in public, right in front of the rolling cameras and the live broadcast for the whole country to see.
Clearly the honorable Luwum speaking truth to power as is being talked about, versus the real Luwum who was snitching on his comrades, kneeling down and begging for mercy from the people of Uganda live on TV that day, are two different people.
And one of these two Luwums does not even exist. After begging for mercy and was granted stay at his own residence by Amin until a political solution could be discussed between him and the president, Luwum then attempted to murder his driver.
The Public hearing included his fellow clergy who are simply trying to make him look good during his appalling and cowardly performance. The gathering also included government ministers and the entire diplomatic community who had all been summoned to witness for themselves the sparkling evidence of what Luwum was preparing against the people of Uganda simply because he wanted Obote as president by force, and not Amin.
The people of Uganda followed thoseproceedings live from their homes and workplaces on TV and radio.
The full recording exists at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation headquarters, and I hereby challenge them to broadcast that public event to the people of Uganda now so that todays generation and those to come can always see it for themselves.
Given todays huge national fraud behind the Janan Luwum story, I hereby bet a million dollars against the corrupt Museveni regime that they can't broadcast it.
There is clearly an attempt to make even God believe that this particular Obote henchman in Church robes is a saint not deserving his current dwelling in hell.
However the problem that most religious people will agree with me on is that while we humans can fool ourselves as long as we want, we cannot fool God.
The truth is that the abductions and murders of Amin government officials which Luwum, in all his treachery, was pretending to speak out against, were crimes that he knew exactly how they were happening, who exactly was behind them, and he himself was caught preparing to do more of them with the same terrorists. And it's not only him. All these so-called "Ugandan exiles"/anti-Amin forces are just as pretending as Luwum against their own evil plots, heinous murders and abductions they committed against Uganda's independence heroes and others martyred for serving their country, crimes for which many of the terrorists comrades were arrested, sent to trial, given a judicial ruling, sentenced by court to capital punishment, and put publicly on firing squad.
All these investigations happening under the relevant institutions of the state, including the police, the military, the intelligence services, the judiciary and the witnesses. Everyone doing their job without an iota of corruption, and therefore without President Idi Amin even having to personally intervene anywhere in this affair except the public hearing in front of the diplomatic community.
I remember the day the evidence was found against Janan Luwum. We actually passed by Namirembe Cathedral that very afternoon on our way home just to take a look.
The information of the find had spread like wildfire across the security agencies and top government circles.
I basically saw all the weapons and sophisticated munitions with my own eyes even before the public saw them at the public hearing a week later. The truck carrying them had been disguised with a fake Pepsi logo, disguise intended so that the vehicle has better chances of moving without raising suspicion from traffic police.
So I know what I am talking about, and I ask the Church to remove itself from playing politics on this criminal matter and even separate themselves now from such crimes in the future as they ironically call on Ugandans to emulate such terrorist plots.
Furthermore, there are those who have claimed that Janan Luwum was not killed in an accident but shot in the head by Amin himself. A few years ago when they moved the body from the family burial site to another public location, I wrote a public letter to the family urging them to use that moment to request for a police forensic postmortem so as to ascertain whether all these allegations were true and if the condition of the body matches the original postmortem report which had confirmed injuries consistent with a violent accident. Unfortunately even the family whom you would have expected to want to know the truth, actually did nothing.
As for those who say the car accident was stage-managed, then they have to answer one question: Stage-managed for who?
If it was stage-managed for the media then let them show us any photo or video from the accident scene. Because the only photos from the Amin government media and the international media only show the two vehicles when they were already towed to the police station. There is not even any evidence behind allegations of a stage-managed accident and nobody, not even the professional media has shown any pictures or video evidence to support all the false allegations. The Amin government is actually the only side that has backed it's statements with substantive evidence, in this case a postmortem report conducted by the government pathologist who examined the body of the deceased, pictures of the two vehicles involved in the accident, and even a press interview conducted by the international media where a BBC journalist together with others from the foreign press interviewed Moses Okello at length. He was the driver of the vehicle in which Janan Luwum and the two others were passengers, and he narrated to them in great detail everything that happened inside the ill-fated vehicle. The interview was conducted at Mulago hospital gardens. Moses Okello was literally pulled out of his hospital bed by the Amin government to go and tell the world press. The interview lasted for an hour, and I hereby also challenge the BBC to produce it in its entirety so that the people of Uganda, and indeed the world, can view it unedited and judge for themselves. Meanwhile all the claims being made today in favour of Janan Luwum are just creative hearsay. Even when they had the golden opportunity to cross-check any evidence of their allegations forensically on Janan Luwums remains, they did nothing.
But getting back to my original point about Luwum caught plotting to slaughter the people of Uganda, if for example a Ugandan wants to mourn Janan Luwum for not having been slaughtered by him, yet the same Ugandan has never even said thank you to the person who actually saved them and the entire nation from Luwum's pending mass slaughter, isn't that just madness?
Today the very regime that is supposedly celebrating the terrorist plots of Janan Luwum and Milton Obote, is the very regime that has murdered at least two priests last year, destroyed an entire historical Church in Ndeeba during the same time, and has been found to be abducting, torturing and murdering innocent Ugandans for no apparent reason except trumped up charges, and supporting a political rival.
The other day pigeons were seen refusing to fly for any peace that is based on Church lies. God definitely knows that all the treachery and false accusations that the Church makes every year against Field Marshal Idi Amin is just rubbish!

Signed: Mr. Lumumba Amin
Kampala, uganda.
17th, October 2021.

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