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{UAH} Tragic: Cdns. travelling to Switzerland to end their lives, forced to die 'with strangers...

Tragic: Cdns. travelling to Switzerland to end their lives, forced to die 'with strangers'...


Dignitas, a Swiss organization that assists patients with chronic or
terminal illness to die, says 131 Canadians became "members"
last year. That's the highest in number in the last five years.

...Ms. Hamel has accused politicians of putting electoral interests ahead of patient care, and also lashed out at doctors who oppose more liberal assisted death, saying they want to preserve a "monopoly" over life and death decisions.

She said the current law forced her to die far from home and loved ones, and that she spent more than $20,000 in fees for medical verification and travel costs.

In 2016, there were 7,764 people from 98 countries who travelled to Switzerland to end their lives, up from 6,595 five years ago.
Canada's new law, which came into effect on June 17, 2016, limits assisted death to mentally competent adults who have serious and incurable illness, disease or disability, where death is "reasonably foreseeable."

Shanaaz Gokool, the CEO of Canadian advocacy group Dying with Dignity Canada, said that excludes large swaths of people who should have been covered under the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the landmark Carter case which struck down the sections in the Criminal Code that prohibited assisted death.
That's forcing people to travel abroad to die, she said

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Rodney  W.:

 ....I see no need for euthanasia in Canada, given the excellent palliative care we have. So it is not true that people are just left to die in pain and without dignity. And killing a person is not part of the hippocratic oath... indeed it runs against the whole purpose of medicine. Neither doctors nor our health services should be forced to provide such a service. I cannot see any valid reason why a patient should consider it their right. If Canadians feel they have to travel abroad to end their lives when they feel they want to, so be it. I don't find it concerning at all that they have to travel abroad.

Move to the southern states and just walk down a street of a ghetto. You won't last long. If the people don't get you, the cops will.

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