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{UAH} America’s 25 Dying Industries

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As we were growing up, my father gave all of us (his children) one particular set of instructions for which he would brook no deviation - Go to college and earn a degree.  Indeed, in our family, not going to college was not an option - period!  However, rightly or wrongly, he gave us full latitude to choose our own majors and career paths.
But I do not think that this last part is a good idea especially in the world we now live in.  I do not think that any teenage is sufficiently mature to assess and plan this very important aspect of their future on their own.  As such, I have held extensive discussions with my two sons about their future and tried to help them choose paths that will be both emotionally as well as financially fulfilling.  Let me emphasize at this point that I am not trying to make them pursue something of my choosing, but I definitely want them to look at and fully evaluate all options.  That said, in as much as possible, I have tried to steer them away from careers in which I fear they will face financial hardships.  The very last thing I want is to find either of my sons working at a job where he has to ask, "paper or plastic," or "will you have fries with that?"
I have also made it clear to them both that they must not feel compelled to stay in whatever career path they first choose in college as circumstances and more awareness might cause them to change their minds and decide to pursue something else entirely.
This article below presents a few industries that are facing seriously tough times and for which the future looks quite bleak.  I would highly suggest it to any upcoming high school graduate (and their parents).  These are industries that I would not encourage any young person to consider pursuing.
Incidentally, I also have deep reservations about much of the retail industry as a profession.  The internet has wrecked havoc on brick and mortar clothing stores and even entire malls. 
I would be interest to learn what you folks think are the careers of the future.

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