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{UAH} Deported from Manila, fleeing Saudi woman fears for her life

Robert Atuahirew/Mayimuna/Afuwa Kasule,

Here is the internet debate on the Saudi Arabian muslim  woman  Dina Ali  i tried so desperately to save last week but failed. We have no idea where she is now. Your guess is as good as mine as to the fate that awaits her in a brutal Kingom which is a gulag or concentration camp for women. Saudi Arabia has hanged 19 women in the last 9 months alone for protesting against the brutal suppression they are subjected to in a country that applies the barbaric sharia law which  makes them private property or chattel of men.


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George Okello
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George Okello
George Okello Thanks, Lja EFii, very sad what happened to the poor lady. Saudi Arabia has one of the worst records on earth when its comes to women's rights. Philippines should have respected international law, which is very clear in such situations.
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George Okello
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Rolan Cruz
Rolan Cruz Do not speculate, she is supposed to go to Australia to seek a safe haven. Kelan pa naging ganito ang Pinas na naging international tool ng suppressive regimes. The poor lady is in the hands of airport personnel and has the proper documents for the next leg of her journey to Australia. Her blood is in the hands of those responsible for turning her over. That is our independent foreign policy.
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Ramon Delgado
Ramon Delgado "It also quoted an airline security official as saying he heard Lasloom "screaming and begging for help" on Tuesday before security personnel and men who appeared to be Middle Eastern carried her "with duct tape on her mouth, feet and hands" at the airport."

Pwede ba mangyari yan?
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Ian Ganigan
Ian Ganigan Hahahah. I laughed when Du30's visit was mentioned on this article.... ma-connect lang 🤣
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Mary Joan Angeles
Mary Joan Angeles Poor woman. She must be given asylum somewhere.
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Renaldo Nuňez
Renaldo Nuňez She might had commited adultery,thats'punishable by death in their country.
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NasrinneMaya AvengingSquidos
NasrinneMaya AvengingSquidos Or she an ISIS informant.
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