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{UAH} Exclusive: Details of Norbert Mao-Kaihura Meeting in Mbarara emerge

Exclusive: Details of Norbert Mao-Kaihura Meeting in Mbarara emerge

Norbert Mao.
Norbert Mao. Attends NRM bigwigs party in Mbarara Met police bosses with Ofono Opondo

The SpearTip has dug out more information  on DP president Mao's trip to western Uganda in which we reported held a meeting with Kaihura at lake view hotel Mbarara Saturday early morning.

Mao denied this as propaganda but further investigation into the matter have proved without any doubt this was true. [Read: Mao Reacts to Kaihura Mbarara meeting]

Mao said he was "attending a baptism party for his friend" who he didn't mention but the SpearTip has availed the facts.

Mao's close colleague MP Ssewungu told revelers Saturday that "Mao was in Masaka to attend burial of Mathias Walukagga's Mother"

The "Saturday baptism" story Mao used to defend his presence in Mbarara is a lie according to research. All Christians churches after Jesus' death on Friday don't hold any mass or baptize anyone until Saturday night where they can only baptize new mature converts to Christianity. Baptism resumes Easter Monday.

This all proves Mao's trip had an agenda more attrocius to opposition in general and is just forging excuses to cover up shame

According to the SpearTip  after meeting Kaihura and Police spokesperson at lake view hotel Mbarara on Saturday morning, Mao drove in the same vehicle with government spokesperson Ofwono Oponde to an NRM big wigs party at Nkokonjeru village near Ntare school.

The function they attended was at NRM national entrepreneurs league chairman Mr Robert Mwesigwa Lukaali [who defeated Bassajjabalaba at Namboole] home.

Sources say it was just a home party organised by Lukaali to entertain fellow NRM carders and government officials in the region.

It had few selected senior NRM bigwigs from the western region with only Ofono Opondo and Mao coming from other areas.

At the function, a hired musician played an NRM/Museveni praising song to which excited Mao and Minister BrightKanyontore Rwamirama joined the floor and dished money to him the Nigerian way [Throwing one note after another]

We are reliably informed that Mao's choice to spend Easter weekend in western Uganda  is a big strategic move. Besides meeting police bosses, he is to meet several  NRM Big Wigs who hail from this region as they will be home for Easter.

Mao's weekend stay is reportedly meant to yield into a big meeting with President Museveni who is in the area for Easter holidays.

Museveni went for prayers at St.Matthew's Cathedral, Kyamate  South Ankole Diocese Community Referral Hospital.


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