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{UAH} French presidential election : Jean-Louis Borloo formally joins Macron, another great asset!

              Macron   62.9%                                                        Le Pen   37.1%

Great news for Macron's camp and to almost the entire French nation that expects a lot from
Emmanuel Macron's very possible election next Sunday ( o7/05/2017 ), Macron has added another very great winning card to his credit! That's the formal and official declaration of France's very brilliant ex-minister, statesman, and leading world environmentalist, Monsieur Jean-Louis Borloo ( 66 ) a former minister of Urban Planning ( 2002 - 2004 ), labour and employment ( 2004 - 2007 ), and ecology ( 2007 - 2010 ). In addition, Borloo has launched very many projects in Africa to officially put into action his plan to encourage the continent to adapt the elctrification of all its vast territory. He has been very strongly appreciated in Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania. And he too ,is seen as a possible prime minister in Macron's government. He has come to enrich Macron's campaign in the only field where things have been working 50 /50, and that's environment coupled with rural development and agriculture where Le Pen's sharp propaganda has been moving trees! 
Borloo is a well-educated intellectual mind. He is basically both an outstanding lawyer and economist. He has been a very successful MP, always winning his seat in the first round. And he has also been a very good mayor of Valenciennes, north of Paris. As for politics he has led with great success his centrist formation, the Union of Democratic Independents. And he is an asset to Africa, a continent which he loves so much and which he is ready to help realize her dreams on democracy, human rights, development and progress.


                                                Jean-Louis Borloo, the great friend of Africa

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