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{UAH} French presidential election : the last minute go!

Most of the eleven candidates are ending their campaign today
with massive turn outs at their rallies. The leading candidates are
almost neck and neck in public ratings. Coming Sunday ( 23/04/17) will determine
the two winners for the second round scheduled a fortnight later.
According to opinion polls, some 72% of the total 45 million registered voters
will participate in this Sunday's first round poll. And about 3 million of them have
already acquired the right for a proxy vote, meaning that they have formally and officially
through the police authorized someone to vote in their place ( due to certain inconvenience
that won't allow them to be around on polling day). 
All campaigns have been very hot and have exploited many issues that touch on the French
socio-politico-economic life. And in addition practically all candidates have vowed to help
Africa in its ambition for political and democratic reforms that would usher in a new era of
progress and prosperity for the world's now rated richest continent. Africa has been on real market in these campaigns and what has pleased audiences is the zeal for each candidate
to tackle the continent's problems basing on the wishes of the masses in each individual country. I think in this perspective these young French candidates want to fashion diplomatic
policies that would court the continent through popularly approved skills. In this case they will be giving a very hard time to the diplomatic approaches of other powers who still base their
methodology on puffing pleasants to the incumbent fellows!
Now as things stand the leading four candidates are rated with the following possible scores:
Mr Emmanuel Macron 24%, Ms Marline Le Pen 23%, Mr François Fillon 19%, Mr Jean-Luc Malenchon 19%. As for the second and final round all opinion polls agree that as of now it's young Emmanuel Macron who stands the best chance to win the presidency. And they all point out to a clear defeat of extreme rightist Marline Le Pen who would be beaten in the final round by any of the three candidates. A poll predicts Marline Le Pen as not being able to go beyond 40% of the total vote in the second and final round.

Emmanuel Macron  24%                                                    Marline Le Pen    23%

François Fillon  19%           Jean-Luc Malenchon 19%

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