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{UAH} Kabaka directs land board to issue titles

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has directed Buganda Land Board (BLB) to issue land titles to all his subjects who have settled on his land to legitimise tenancy and pacify land disputes in Buganda region.
Under the campaign dubbed: 'A land title at your hands' launched yesterday by the Buganda prime minister, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, the land titles would be valid for a period of 49 years, but renewable at the expiry of that period. 
"The recent exercise of registration of people on kabaka's land realised 130,000 tenants and we encourage them to benefit from the promotion. New registration for those that have not registered yet will also continue," Mr Mayiga said, adding that the registration will be done at a discount depending on location.
"This is a directive from the kabaka who is eager to sort out the land disputes amongst his subjects. He is conscious of the fact that most land disputes are a result of the absence of land titles," he said.
The campaign is meant to enforce the kabaka's directive to ensure that every tenant gets a land title at a subsidised price.
During the 1900 Buganda Agreement, all land in Buganda was divided into two; Crown land, which was under the control of the colonial government, and Mailo land. 
Mailo land was also divided into two; there was land that was given to office holders and the other given to private individuals. The beneficiaries, by virtue of their offices included the kabaka, who was given 350 square miles and the ssaza chiefs who got eight square miles, among others. The 350 square miles that was given to the kabaka is the land that is today popularly referred to as kabaka's land.
Most of kabaka land is located in Kyaggwe County that covers most of Mukono District with an estimated acreage of 60 square miles. Kyaddongo which partly covers Kampala (20 square miles) and Wakiso has more than 35 square miles.
The 350 square miles is currently managed by the BLB. Part of land is predominately found in suburbs such as Nansana, Munyonyo, Buziga, Konge, Kigo, Maganjo, Kagoma, and Ganda.
Explaining what informed kabaka's decision to issue land titles, the katikkiro said they want to ease the process of acquiring land titles. On the other hand, the move is also aimed at advancing a mutual relationship between the kabaka and his subjects.
Mayiga said the kabaka felt that the discount will enable a great number of his people to acquire titles and therefore cement the Landlord- tenant relationship as well as eliminate evictions and provide a quick premium assessment.
Out of the almost three million households in the country, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development says only 800,000 have land certificates.
Clarifying on the ongoing conflicts on kabaka's land around Buganda such as in Luweero, Kayunga, Mubende and elsewhere, Mr Mayiga said evictions are not done by BLB but by those people who are given leases by the agency. "Our responsibility stops at issuing leases. The manner of evictions is the responsibility of the lease owners," Mayiga said.

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