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{UAH} KAWEESI MURDER: Security Chiefs Warn Kayihura on Charging ‘Wrong Suspects’

Robert Atuahirew,

My advice to wake up Agatha Christie from the burial grounds of Westminster Abbey in central london still stands. The hallowed queen of crime detection may yet wake up old Hercules Poirot, the famous Belgian sleuth, and his side-kick Captain Watson, to get the cracking on this head scratcher. Your bumbling detectives seem to be making a hash of the whole thing. Please advice them to put off from attempting anything further- Old Poirot is not going to be best pleased by their bungling ineptitude.


Written By: Chimp Investigations Team

KAWEESI MURDER: Security Chiefs Warn Kayihura on Charging 'Wrong Suspects'

Ugandan security chiefs have clashed over the manner in which the investigation into the murder of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi is being conducted.

Kaweesi was killed in March shortly after leaving his residence in Kulambiro, Kampala.

The car in which he was traveling was sprayed with bullets, killing all occupants on spot.

The President directed several security agencies led by Police to conduct the investigation into the shooting that shook the nation.

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and Special Forces Command (SFC) nominated experienced investigators to work with police in the investigation.

ChimpReports has learned that police and CMI have arrested different suspects in the murder.

However, CMI and ISO believe the 'Police detainees' have nothing to do with the crime.

Sources said the cracks in the security leadership came to light on Easter Monday during a National Security Council (NSC) meeting at Police Headquarters in Naguru.

The meeting was attended by CMI boss Col Abel Kandiho, ISO Chief Col Kaka and External Security Organisation (ESO) boss Joseph Ochwet.

Officials who attended the meeting say CMI and ISO representatives openly told IGP Gen Kale Kayihura, who chaired the meeting, that "you have the wrong suspects."

They gave an example of Kamwenge Mayor Geoffrey Byamukama who was arrested in connection to the murder and tortured to an extent that his legs could be amputated.

Byamukama played a key role in mobilizing youth and collecting intelligence for UPDF to defeat the ADF fighters in Western Uganda especially in Kitagwenda.

He has since been a strong NRM mobilizer for many years.

We are reliably informed that security officials told Kayihura that Byamukama was possibly an innocent man since all evidence obtained pin other suspects in custody of the military.

Kayihura was also reminded about a strange incident that happened during the course of the investigation.

A couple of weeks ago, a man arrested by police's 'special operations operators' led by SSP Nickson Agasirwe confessed killing Kaweesi.

The suspect told detectives that he had monitored Kaweesi's movements for about a week before planning the shooting.

The suspect was escorted to Kulambiro to reconstruct the scene.

"This guy is either a conman or was paid off well to kill the case and cover up the real people behind the murder," said a detective who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

"We asked him to show us Kaweesi's residence but he knew nothing. We passed by the late's gate and he couldn't recognize it. Neither could he show us where Kaweesi was killed from," a source added.

"We made a conclusion that this so called self-confessed killer had never been to Kulambiro."

During the National Security Council (NSC) meeting, it became clear that a powerful person in society had paid large sums of money to the self-confessed killer to take blame for the murder.

This, in essence, would mean covering up the real masterminds of the murder.

The lead suspects in manipulating the Kaweesi investigation are ADF agents, according to sources.

What is so shocking is that police elements are torturing and extracting confessions of Kaweesi murder from detainees.

Sources told ChimpReports that Gen Kayihura introduced Agasirwe and other investigators to Museveni as his main men behind the Kaweesi murder investigation.

President Museveni was later informed that several detainees had confessed to killing Kaweesi.

Yet, some of these people had never stepped in Kulambiro.

This means, according to a knowledgeable insider, the 'police detainees' will face what is known in security circles as a 'holding charge' not to embarrass the president.

In such a case, you slap a charge against a suspect and ask court to remand them as you 'investigate' the matter.

It remains unclear if the Director of Public Prosecution Mike Chibita will slap murder charges against all the 'police detainees' because, said a detective, "there is no evidence pinning them apart from their confessions which they can't substantiate."

Speaking to mourners at the residence of Kaweesi, the President ordered Gen Kayihura to "clean the police of these infiltrators"

"All these murders, I have followed myself. There are always clues leading to the criminals but the criminals have infiltrated the police," the president said.

"You get a situation where they are intimidating the witnesses, killing the witnesses," said Mr Museveni before adding, "that is why the public fears to give information (about criminals) to the police."

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