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{UAH} Ocen, Allan//Bill O'Reilly has been fired from Fox News


The end of this man's career at Fox News should have come a decade ago. 

Bill O'reilly had the wily capacity to present his racist-tinged views as an unbiased commentary. Along with the more, openly white supremacist commentator, Sean Hannity, O'Reilly loomed large in the conservative talkfest, always casting himself as an erudite defender of an endangered white race.

He savored his fame and the power that came with it, and parlayed his renown to sell poorly-researched and hastily written books. O'reilly used his talk-show as an advertisement platform for his books and other products. 

In the end, though, his weakness for easy sex, caught up with him. After Fox News parted with millions of dollars to settle allegations of sexual misconduct against him, O'Reilly has lost support inside the Murdoch clan, for he's a liability to the brand and a nuisance to his co-workers.  

But for those whom he casually and callously pilloried as vengeful and ungrateful foreigners, or lazy minorities who are hell-bent on freeloading on tax payers' dough, I would say Good Riddance.



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