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{UAH} Suspect who made Makerere girl fall off Mitchell Hall third floor cited in another rape case

Suspect who made Makerere girl fall off Mitchell Hall third floor cited in another rape case


More stories continue to emerge following a controversial jump by a Makerere student from third floor of Mitchel hall in the same university. In an NTV interview, a man identified as Yeko Bwana has come out to reveal that the currently investigated suspected rapist had also raped his daughter back in 2015.

Bwana was recorded pleading his daughter to come back home who disappeared since the tragedy happened. He also claims that he has an apology letter which he received from Jeremiah Mukyemu, a medical student currently under investigation for attempted rape and murder of Brenda Nakwejwe who jumped last week.

In a handwritten letter, Mukyemu wrote to Bwana saying "I hear by write to Mr Yeko apologizing for the crime I committed to one of your daughters. I agree that I committed the crime and I ask for your apology and mercy. Your positive consideration will highly be appreciated".

Despite the police case number and apology letter, Bwana and his daughter have failed to attain justice because police say there is no necessary evidence to apprehend the suspect. The current Ugandan law needs medical proof of rape and confession from the offended which were not possible since the victim went into hiding. Below is the video;


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