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{UAH} Ugandans need to be vigilant

Ugandans need to be vigilant

The murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi and two others has left many Ugandans in fear, wondering how a high-ranking officer could not have enough security.

However, security issues should not be left to the government and security agencies alone. Many Ugandans are not conscious or curious about what happens around them and they usually remember after the worst has happened.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. As individuals, we need to be more vigilant in order to maintain peace and order in our country. 

We must also reawaken community and local council policing. This method used to safeguard communities and such security risks were very rare because members of the area could easily know and identify a suspicious face.

I commend the president for the proposal of installing CCTV cameras across the country. I believe they will help to reduce crimes, if monitored well, as most criminals don't like to be seen.

Natasha Mariam,


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