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{UAH} Usama Mukwaya – From Kampala to Hollywood

Usama Mukwaya is a successful director, screenwriter, movie producer and actor. Born into a modest family in Uganda, Usama started his writing career at a young age. He was brought into the industry as a script writer and supporting actor for Dan Kiggundu's Maryland Productions at the early age of 21.


Early Career


Starting his career out as a script writer and actor, Usama saw great success in the TV series 'Pain of Lies,' which drove his ambition to continue in the entertainment business and begin his career as a director and movie producer. After making several connections in the Uganda film industry, Usama joined the Mariam Ndagire Film and Performing Arts Center where he worked on his award winning debut title 'Hello'.


'Hello' went on to win overall best film in the MNFPAC awards 2010, landing Usama in the top twelve screenwriters to participate in the prestigious Maisha Film Lab where he was able to collaborate and work on the film 'She Likes Prada'. With a couple titles under his belt, this young and aspiring director decided to take his career to the next level and began working on his very first major film.


Bala Bala Sese


Showing at the Labonita theater on July 3, 2015, Usama released his very first major film as both writer and director titled, 'Bala Bala Sese'. Based on a level of undying love between a young man and his love, Maggie, the couple faces on-going abuse, harassment and challenges to overcome the obstacles put in place to keep them apart.


'Bala Bala Sese' was considered the first Ugandan production to use professional marketing to sell the movie and claimed the title of "Top Uganda Film" of 2015. In addition to its success in Africa, the film has also debuted in Europe during the Finland Helsinki African Film Festival.


More about Usama

Usama is proud of his upbringing and considers his loving family, religious values and environment as the main reasons for his success. He has continued to thank those who have supported him during his rise to fame, and continues to keep the best interests of those he loves in mind when producing and writing.


He has said, "My enthusiasm with writing currently has me entangled with a first short novel which should be out any time soon. I am also so much passionate about humanity and watch this space because I am opening my heart to the world pretty before so long," hinting at an upcoming novel project soon to be released.


Future Works

Usama is slated to direct 'Love Faces' expected to release sometime in 2017. This time teaming up again with renowned artists such as Laura Kahunde and Patriq Nkakalukanyi, fans are eagerly awaiting Usama's next debut. Combined with his interest in writing, a hint at an upcoming novel, and possibility of other acting parts in upcoming roles, Usama is poised to have a great career ahead of him, making his story a true rags to riches fairy tale.


Usama is only 27 years old with several major accomplishments under his belt.  There is no limit to this young artist's future as he continues to shape the landscape of the Uganda film industry. Like his fans, we are anxious to see what this creative young mind will produce next.

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