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By Omara Guevara Ogaram

Next time, you take a ride to visit Ofwono's Village Mulanda in Tororo, don't waste your money an interpreter. A majority of the old people including herdsmen speak very fluent English.

This is what we experienced a few days back. The old folks there, not only expressed themselves eloquently in english but were also able to comprehend and articulate concepts.

In one meeting, an old man on first sight who looked like a herdsman shocked us. As a member of the village health team, he was to discuss in detail the 90 90 90 new AIDS strategy. He knew new things called mainstreaming, suppression, viral load testing, targeted audiences and non suppression. Similarly, an old woman also a member of the village health team spoke eloquently in English. She told us how people living with HIV can no longer adhere to treatment because of looming famine.

We were amazed. These were ordinary community people yet very intelligent and knowledgeable. Where do these fellows learn those concepts? How comes they know current events unlike some of the younger generation? We were informed many of them received excellent education during Obote government. As a result, they speak good English and have interest in self continuous education. Obote must be smiling in his grave.

If we could invest a little more in education, we could be able to have another highly skilled and honest generation by 2062.


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