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{UAH} Donald Trump has been lying about the size of his penthouse

Donald Trump has been lying about the size of his penthouse

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It's not very Presidential to lie, boast, or exaggerate, however it seems to be something the POTUS does a lot.

What feels like a million years ago, during the Obama Presidency, the Donald gave Forbes a tour of his Manhattan Penthouse (the top of Trump Tower), in what they describe as "a decade-long crusade for a higher spot on our billionaire rankings". 

During the tour, Trump claims that apparently his Fifth Avenue home was 33,000 square feet. For comparison, that's about 60% of the size of the White House (55,000 square feet) and about 40% of the size of Buckingham Palace is about 83,000 square feet.


Actually, Trump's apartment is about a third of that size...

New York city records show that Trump acquired the 6,096-square-foot triplex apartment in 1983, about the same time he opened Trump Tower. In the early nineties, he expanded the penthouse, merging two of the neighbouring apartments - which resulted in an apartment an apartment that was 10,996 square feet - no doubt still a huge apartment, but no where near as big as Donald claimed.

Trump and his neighbour's apartment's combined measure about 14,000 square feet - so it's very unclear where exactly that 33,000 figure comes from. 

Trump also claimed to have leased part of the building to a famous neighbour, according to Forbes, during the tour he pointed at a door on the 66th floor and said:

I leased that little section to Michael Jackson. I knew him better than anybody

Yet records indicate that the section in question has never been a residence and appears to be mechanical space.



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