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{UAH} Fwd: Hahaha! This might be one of the funniest Trump-Pope GIFs out there

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Subject: Hahaha! This might be one of the funniest Trump-Pope GIFs out there

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Hahaha! This might be one of the funniest Trump-Pope GIFs out there

Mar-a-Lago manager apparently has second job—working for the Trump White House?

Former WH photographer trolls Trump after NATO meeting

Daily Kos needs to raise $91,878.08 to close the books on May. Can you
chip in $1 to support the team that brings progressive news to your
inbox every day?

Reince Priebus is very, very nervous that one of Comey's notes might
record their conversations

Crocodile tears alert: Republican lawmaker 'choked back tears' when
told what Trumpcare does

As Trump pouts through Brussels, a smiling Angela Merkel hosts Obama in Berlin

Here's embarrassing video of Trump shoving a NATO leader so he can be
center stage for a photo op

Der Spiegel: 'It's time to get rid of Donald Trump'

Did Trump have Russian investigation attorney threaten comic strip
creator of Bloom County?

Enough is enough. Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns. For real.

Sean Hannity is taking a previously unannounced 'vacation' as the list
of fleeing advertisers grows

British intelligence shuts out US after information leaks on Manchester attack

Rick Wilson unloads a classic rant on his Republican Party.

When the brown shirts are welcome in your party ...

Jared Kushner is a subject of the FBI investigation, as confirmed by
everyone in creation

Teen comes home to find out undocumented dad with no criminal record
has been deported

Snoop Dogg, Facebook, and Trayvon Martin

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