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{UAH} Fwd: Prime Ministers of five countries openly mock Trump and the Magic Orb

Prime Ministers of five countries openly mock Trump and the Magic Orb

Fearless French President lumps Trump in with tyrants & dictators

Russians claim to have 'derogatory' financial information that can be
used as leverage over Trump

NYC artist added a statue of a dog urinating on 'Fearless Girl' on
Wall Street as 'retaliation'

It's May 31 and Daily Kos is still $32,381.10 away from our May goal.
Can you chip in $1 to support the team that brings progressive news to
your inbox every day?

Trump concerned about "constant negative press covfefe"

Keith Olbermann: There's no excuse for not arresting Kushner

Oregon Republican says they will consider hiring right-wing militias
for security

Bernie Sanders goes apesh*t on Mulvaney and Trump's budget: 'Tell the
American people why'

"NSA in unprecedented hunt for KremlinGate evidence"

Native American men in Washington state run over by white man in
pickup truck shouting racial slurs

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters begins tour in Kansas City with an all-out
attack on Donald Trump

Sign the petition: F*ck House Republicans for passing Trumpcare

Incoming? Trump's Twitter account has added 5 million 'followers' in
last three days...mostly bots

Hannity is back on the Seth Rich warpath and now targeting Rachel
Maddow advertisers

Today is a good day to have Trump's taxes subpoenaed. It ends in y.

Trump, safely home after his embarrassing world tour, is back on twitter

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