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{UAH} Gulu based young footballers finally depart for Spain

Gulu based young footballers finally depart for Spain

FFG Media
Derrick Ocan is one of the Football For Good players traveling to Mallorca, Spain

The four Ugandan young footballers from the Gulu based Football For Good Youth Academy (FFG) have left the country for Palma City, Mallocra in Spain.

Derrick Ocan (U18), Lisa Kakanyero (U16), Polycarp Mwaka (U15) and Owen Bradbury (U14) together with academy director cum founder Adrian Bradbury left Entebbe International Airport on Thursday morning.

After an overnight stay at the Hidden Treasure apartments, overlooking the United Nations head offices in Entebbe, the group eventually left the following morning.

From Entebbe, the group will have a stop over in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa then fly over to Madrid before connecting to their final destination – Palma.


Football For Good Youth Academy is a promising football organization located in Gulu Municipality, Northern Uganda.

Polycarp Mwaka dribbles during a game in Gulu District

According to the founder, Bradbury, they are expected to spend at least two weeks in Spain.

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday night, Bradbury was full of huge expectations;

We are interested in seeing how the boys will acclimatize in the different environment.

This is also a big opportunity for the players to play outside Uganda as well as cement the relationship with other partners.

The Spanish Segunda side's current club consultant, Ivan Campo (also a former member of the Spanish national team who played at Mallorca, Bolton and Real Madrid, where he won two UEFA Champions League crowns) worked closely with the Ugandan football academy to realize the invitation.

FFG Media
Football for Good Hope Football Academy players with Director Adrian Bradbury at Entebbe International Airport shortly before departure to Mallorca, Spain

During their stay in Spain, the players will undergo a training placement and development programme at RCD Mallorca.

This is the first ever trip to Spain for the Football For Good Youth Academy launched in Northern Uganda in January 2015.

FFG Media
Football For Good players

The academy is a professional youth football set-up that delivers on elite training and competition, world-class education and character-building, and global opportunities on the field and in the classroom.


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