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{UAH} Kaiyihura deserves promotion

Fellow Ugandans

Allow me to completely and uttery say this regime of NRM is a regim of hell. 
How to be promoted in this regim just a few examples.

1. Elwelu killed people in Kasese and was promoted. 
2. Muhozi is also implicated in the kasese incident but promoted. 
3.Kayihura killed Kawesi why wonder about his promotion. If u kill more for this regim ur awareded with promotion. 

Take alook at the elections... those who worked hard to rig elections were awarded either with liquid cash or ministerial posta...a good example is Rwakafuuzi....glad his now exposed indirectly in another form of corruption. People in kabale cry for him debying them a chance to vote...

The more u kill and be crafty within this regim your awarded with promotion. Its a regim of hell. Research more on this aspect u will be shocked. 

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