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{UAH} Last day of campaigns favours Macron!

           Emmanuel  Macron  63%                                     Marine  Le  Pen   37%

There they go! The very last sprint in the relay! Macron is already very far ahead thanks to his
very excellent attitude in the debate. He wasn't aggressive as his colleague and he had a lot
of originality in his outlook to all questions. And finally he had the concluding remarks very carefully worked out! He concluded on the note of seeing a powerful France becoming more powerful through its openness to other countries where France has succeeded to export her language, culture, etc.. Le Pen was disfigured by that urge of closing the doors to others! This indeed let her down and it is costing her very many votes ....! Observers think she may lose a total one million votes and have her percentages kept very low on election day! Her last campaign has been marred by scenes of near violence in the city of Rheims where she went with her entourage to pay tribute to the Franco-Germany friendly pact signed in the cathedral in the early sixties by both President charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. She was obliged to exit the cathedral through a remote door behind the vast edifice. Angry crowds chanting praises for Macron were already stationed at the principal gates of the cathedral to perturbe her movements . At that time Macron was holding successful rallies in various places including Paris where Marine Le Pen polled a flimsy 5% of the vote last Sunday compared to Macron's 35%, and the rest went to other candidates. Macron is expected to sweep the entire Parisian region which has 20% of the total number of voters. Macron has seized the occasion in Paris to state that he has already appointed his Prime Minister and he knows who he is. He would naturally reveal his name to the public soon after the election. Another thing helping Macron is the adhesion to his " En Marche" movement of some of the most outstanding and best ministers both in the previous rightist and leftist governments. Here Macron has garnered lots and lots of points. His team is betting on less numbers in abstentionism in order to really crash Le Pen who might make gains if abstentionism is high given that her modest numbers are all willing to go to polls on Sunday.. Her supporters have chosen the smartly cool Bois de Boulogne, a charming nook situated in the eastern suburbs of Paris for the election evening. They will amuse themselves there whether they win or lose.but the strategy for them is to start right away planning for the legislatives which will take place five weeks away from the presidential election. Le Pen's National Front Party may make significant gains in these parliamentary polls because, as the two candidates have promised, they will for the first time have a dose of proportional representation to reflect the presence of every political group in the French assembly. Macron intends to turn his movement into a fully-fledged political party to fight in these elections. he will inded make this very clear before his supporters and militants who will gather at the famous Louvre Pyramid, a vast square where they will feast their candidate. As Sunday's poll draws closer all cities, municipalities, villages, etc.. are now very busy making arrangements for the polls in their respective localities. Voting will begin at 8 am (French time) and close at 7 pm in all regions but at 8 pm in very big cities. Exit polls as well as samples taken from those votes counted immediately after 7 pm will help pollsters and opinion polls experts to determine the winner and the winning percentages. It's these findings that will be flashed on TVs at exactly 8 pm to announce the name of the winner. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will just confirm the results later when all counting has been done and the tallies studied. Counting, according to French electoral laws, must take place at the polling centre immediately voting has closed. And the results sent directly to the process-servers' section of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a general recount, etc... Nobody can cheat an election in France. The Penal Code is very strictly clear on this. In any sense election in France isn't a means for eating and stomach expansion but service in total submission to the electorate!


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