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Hello IGP Gen. KK,
Now that you luckily managed to confuse the aging President for a new contract; please get to work and fix the biggest issue of road accidents! Every year, there are over 200,000 road accidents in Uganda, resulting in over 3,000 deaths and costing over Ushs 1.8 trillion i.e. 3% of GDP, as published in Newvision 19 May 2015 (these figures seem to have gone up). Therefore, instead of cracking down on people using unregistered sim cards, it would have been more sensible to crackdown on motorists using fake driving permits and the officers issuing these permits! It is believed that more than 70% of people driving on Ugandan roads NEVER passed driving tests.Unbelievable!

Instead of installing CCTVs, one wonders why you are not installing speed cameras?! Ofcourse your strongest case for CCTVs came immediately after the assasination of AIGP Felix Kaweesi. However, you need to know that there are many high ranking people dying in road accidents, whom like other citizens need protection from reckless drivers. For instance, at the time we were mourning Late Kaweesi, the body of Toroma county Member of Parliament Hon. Cyrus Amodoi and 10 others (RIP) were in a morgue after an accident at Kitigoma on Jinja highway!

Just as you strongly and expeditiously responded to Kaweesi's assasination with such drastic measures, you need to address this road menance! Kawunyemu is not enough. By standing on the roadside after mid night with breathlisers, you assume that most accidents happen at night by drunkards which is not necessarily the case. Hence, Four things or more must be done to minimise road accidents; NO FAKE DRIVING permits, install speed cameras on highways, enforce the inspection of vehicles every year to determine their road worthiness, and fix road signs. Just like the assasination of Kaweesi and muslim clerics is more important to you, lives of all roads users are important too!

Finally, let's be honest. Deep down in your heart, you know that CCTVs, Sim cards, and even registration of boda bodas won't stop assasinations. In fact, there is a word in town that some of these are your projects to make money! This is why you are the luckiest human being alive! Who else gets another contract after such messy investigations in the of death of AIGP? Where else can a serving officer build a multi billion mansion in a city surbab with helicopter pads on tax payers money, while the living conditions of police force are deterioting everyday and still get a new contract? Innocent citizens are being tortured and crippled under your sterwardship, but you get a new contract? Trust me, that happens only in Uganda! Maybe you need to look at the manner in which the former FBI Director James Comey was fired from his job in order to know how lucky you are! Anyway, fix the road menance and continue enjoying life.. .

Concerned Citizen....

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