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{UAH} Majority of Americans wish the Luo man was still president instead of Trump, poll finds

Majority of Americans wish Obama was still president instead of Trump, poll finds

Just 38 per cent of voters surveyed say they see Mr Trump as honest

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A majority of polled voters wish Barack Obama was still president instead of Donald Trump, a new national poll shows. 

The Trump White House has had a chaotic couple of weeks. Last week, Mr Trump abruptly dismissed FBI Director James Comey, and then contradicted his press team and Vice President Mike Pence when explaining the reasoning behind the firing. 

According to Public Policy Polling, 55 per cent of 692 registered voters surveyed between 12 and 14 May said they wish Mr Obama was still in office.

Only 38 per cent of surveyed voters said they considered Mr Trump to be honest, while 51 per cent characterised him as a liar.

Mr Trump said last week on Twitter that because of his busy schedule and with lots of things happening, it was not possible for his White House press team to "stand at podium with perfect accuracy".

But 77 per cent of surveyed voters said they do expect the president's press secretaries to always tell the truth, compared to 14 per cent who said that is not one of their expectations.        

Mr Trump appeared to contradict the White House again on Tuesday, tweeting that he had the "absolute right" to make disclosures to Russia, after his national security advisor HR McMaster told reporters on Monday that a Washington Post story reporting that the president revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador was false. 


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