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{UAH} President Macron bulldozes out into the great crowds!

It was indeed a very great day for newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron!
Today ( 10/05/2017 ) was remembrance day for the abolition of slavery in France and its territories. The two Presidents, Hollande and Macron, attended the event in the centre of Paris. But the great crowds had gathered not only for the historical ceremony but also for their new President. When he appeared together with Hollande there was great commotion as the infinite crowds tried to reach the new man to the point of almost mobbing him. People of all nationalities, colour, creed, etc.. were eagerly struggling to touch him or to share a selfie with him. And the organizers of the occasion had a lot of difficulty in controlling such crowds to which were added hundreds of journalists who turned up for this unique memorial ceremony.
Macron didn't give any official speech for this state occasion as protocol and tradition still bar him from doing so until this coming Sunday ( 14/05/2017 ) when he will officially receive the instruments of his great office from his predecessor and formally take over the presidential palace as the new tenant. Today morning France's most supreme legal organ, the Constitutional Council, has officially approved the results of last Sunday's presidential election. For most of the time President Macron is busy receiving advisers on the formation of  his government next week following the announcement of the name of his Prime Minister. 
As for the outgoing President Hollande, he held his very last cabinet meeting today attended by all ministers. Sunday ( 14/05/2017 ) will be his last day as President of France when at exactly 10 am (Paris time) he will receive at the official residence the new President and do the handing over. The ceremony will be watched by millions of televiewers all over the world. Then he will be driven away to his home not far away from the presidential palace. He will formally and officially reside there almost as a head of state with a state accompaniment of a number of important privileges, among which :

1- a presidential pension set at  15,000 euros

2- a parliamentary pension worth  23,000 euros

3- two official cars ( provided by the state)

4- two drivers ( provided by the state )

5- six collaborators paid by the state ( secretaries, cooks, etc..)

6- two policement permanently posted there  24h/24.

7- a very large flat mortgaged by the state at a monthly  15.000 euros.

And as former president he will automatically qualify to sit on France's supreme judicial body, the Constitutional Court, which has authority to quash any judgement passed by any court of law in the country. 
Have a very nice rest, François Hollande! And thank you for the good role you've always played in defending Africa, including that action against terrorist movements in Mali and elsewhere on the continent!

Dr G.H.Kkolokolo ( Paris - France )

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