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{UAH} Presidential candidate Macron's campaign hacked ahead of French election

Presidential candidate Macron's campaign hacked ahead of French election

World News  1 minute ago
Thousands of emails and electronic documents claiming to come from Emmanuel Macron's campaign were anonymously published online late Friday. Party officials confirmed the hack, calling it "massive" and "coordinated." More as the story develops.

As campaigning closes in French presidential election, front runner Macron says he's been the victim of a massive hack

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BREAKING: French pres. candidate Macron's campaign says it is victim of "massive and coordinated" hacking and release of emails, documents.

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The Macron email dump came minutes before France's campaign blackout started at midnight. Candidates can't respond before polls open Sunday

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Hillary Redux: French presidential frontrunner Macron hit by massive hack 36 hours before; 9 gbs of data posted online

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Emmanuel Macron's campaign says the hacking of its computer systems aims to destabilize France's election on Sunday

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Alleged multi-GB team Macron email archives. Could be a 4chan practical joke. We are examining

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Update: contains many tens of thousands emails, photos, attachments up to April 24, 2017--around 9Gb in total

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David Rothschild Retweeted Matthew Yglesias

. trying to shift blame of Macron hack away from Russia. Either way, another election, another attack on non-nationalist candidate

David Rothschild added,

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Why would Putin hack Macron too late to swing the election? The aim is to undermine Macron's legitimacy before he even takes office.

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Reuters Top News Retweeted Reuters Top News

MORE: Authentic documents stolen are being mixed up with fake documents online to sow doubt and misinformation - Macron campaign

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Not sure. Macron won't be able to defend himself properly vs spread of false info possibly contained in leaks while social media whirs away

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Worth noting that same "independent" collective, Fancy Bear, that hacked Macron campaign also thought to be behind massive Bundestag hack.

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Fancy Bear also believed to be behind attempts to hack CDU, SPD and think-tanks associated with both parties. Germany had better be ready...

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(((Yair Rosenberg))) Retweeted Reuters Top News

So weird how this keeps happening to the anti-Putin candidates in Western elections

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Mikey Kay Retweeted Kim Ghattas

Latest 4 main French polsters (known for being accurate) give Macron 62-63% of vote & Le Pen 37-38%, w/ less than 48hrs to go.

Mikey Kay added,

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Mikey Kay Retweeted Malcolm Nance

Too little too late: • LePen prohibited by law from exploiting hacks. • LePen 20 points behind. • Polsters show LePen tanked in debate.

Mikey Kay added,

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always assume the opponent is doing better than it seems. Get everyone to vote for Macron! A great man he'll be an excellent president.


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