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{UAH} Racist Boy Dies For 3 Minutes, Says Jesus is a Black

Racist Boy Dies For 3 Minutes, Says Jesus is a Black


A young white Christian boy who briefly died on a surgeon's operating table during a liver transplant this past weekend says he met Jesus Christ and he was African-American.

Billy Landers, the son of a well-known KKK member in Mobile, Alabama, who was suffering from liver failure was technically dead for 3 minutes before being resuscitated. During that time the 13-year-old claims he visited the afterlife.

"It was all niggers," he told WKRG news after the ordeal. "There were a few white people, but they were just entertaining the blacks, like playing basketball. There were lots of nigger angels watching them play basketball." Landers said. "Jesus was a coon too. Jesus wasn't white like Daddy says he is."

"I asked my father 'Why is Jesus a nigger?' He couldn't answer. I'd been taught that God and Jesus hate n**gers. That God cursed them by turning their skin black. That they were 'mud people.'"

Billy's father said his son's experience has not made him question white supremacy and an Anglo-Saxon Jesus.

"It's kinda disturbing to me that he came back with stories of Nigger Heaven," he told reporters, "but clearly my son is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia or something. There's no way Jesus is a nigger. I'm going to have my boy put on antipsychotics medications."



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