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{UAH} Sean Spicer no longer expected to give daily briefings

Contact The Author                Sean Spicer no longer expected to give daily briefings   

President Trump may scale back beleaguered White House spokesman Sean Spicer's public appearances — a troubling sign for someone whose job it is to make public appearances, a new report said Thursday.

The move comes as Trump is also considering reshuffling his communications team as he finds himself enmeshed in a growing number of scandals, Politico reported, citing sources close to the president.

Spicer will no longer do daily, on-camera briefings after Trump's foreign trip ends next weekend, the officials told the website.

Trump reportedly dreads the daily briefings, which can be cringe-worthy as Spicer argues with reporters, refuses to answer questions and offers statements that are later contradicted by the president himself.

As new details emerge on nearly a daily basis about Team Trump's ties to Russia, the president has blamed his communications shop for his troubles.

Spicer, a well-liked GOP Beltway insider before assuming his current post, has put his foot in his mouth more than once.

He once suggested that Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad was a worse war criminal than Adolf Hitler because, he said, the Fuehrer never used chemical weapons on his own people.

He later apologized.

Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is expected to take on a larger role, and new blood may be brought in as well.

Spicer, the website said, was expected to get another job in the administration


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