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Okello DOKOLO,
I think, OBAMA was not the King of African Americans in AMERICA like the King of Saudi Arabia who rules by the Wahhabism dictatorship doctrine! OBAMA led America under complete democratic norms with very solid check and balance of his powers by the US opposition party, which could not accept any dictatorship doctrine by OBAMA!
Clearly, as I have stated somewhere in the debates on OBAMA, I think 8 years has been in the sea of history and I wish there could have been many of his kinds in the old democratic countries in the world emulate him. The question is; what have you done lately in the just completed election in the UK? Have you been nominated to stand for a public office to excel better than OBAMA since UK is one of the older democracy in Europe? Stand up and be counted as an African from DOKOLO whose mother is not an English woman or gal, which may make us proud of your complete agility and political shrewdness!
Ocaya pOcure

Den måndag, 19 juni 2017 12:38 skrev Bobby Alcantara <>:

Moses Nekyon/Gook/ Edward 'Ojim/Ocaya p'Ocure

Alexander O'Neil, who is on tour in the UK,  gave a very compelling interview on Russia Today a few days ago, in which he assessed the Obama legacy. It was truly rivetting. In his view, Obama did absolutely nothing for black Americans, and in fact his 8 year rule set back the black struggle for emancipation several decades back. He comes from Missisippi and he says the conditions of the black people there worsened rather than improved under Obama. He says Obama ruled just for the rich and completely ignored the poor. He says he does not support Donald Trump, but wants him to be given a chance. Trump has promised jobs, so let him be put to the test. When reminded that Trump is a racist and has history of racist abuse, he said he would rather deal with an open racist, rather than a closet or hidden racist. Better to fight an enemy that you can  see, rather than one who stabs you from the back. 

O'Neil's views are almost the same views that I personally hold- the only difference is that I am not prepared to give Trump a chance to make the situation of black people worse than it is now.

Check O'Neil on RT if you are connected. Otherwise, he also talks about his battle with cocaine, alcohol etc  and path his path to recovery.

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