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SV: {UAH} Congs to Labour and Jeremy Corbyn - the revival is on...

Comrade OCHIENO and UAH folks,
The best thing in this latest UK elections has been that there exists a very strong system in that country hence the good show by Jeremy Corbyn. I think, if the UK had been in our African countries and, or in Latin America whereby the ruling party leaders become the countries itself with very heavy corruptions Jeremy Corbyn as an opposition leader could not have shown any good show in this latest elections in the UK!
Frankly, I think, the enthusiastic younger generation voters in the UK must be congratulated through a fantastic innovations of Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, the issue here again lies with the strong system of freedom of politics in the UK with no heavy doses of massive corruptions. I hope there is great learning which we ourselves who come from foreign countries and you folks in the UK should try to think how better use it in the future!
Ocaya pOcure

Den fredag, 9 juni 2017 15:01 skrev 'joseph ochieno' via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community <>:

Fantastic results for the Labour Party and my colleague and friend of Afrika, Jeremy Corbyn. This, after a barrage of shots from the right wing press, the usual suspects within the establishment and even a few colleagues. 

Jeremy and the Labour Party represent the broadest views and values and is particularly an exciting tickle to young people who had been forgotten and or lost hope. Never has it happened since the days of my brother Barack Obama that a leader so 'written off' has come opened up the hard stuff and got young people onto the streets and actually voting. Last evening - twice - young people (under 20 and first time voters) rushed to me waving their polling cards; one asking where the polling station was and the other, checking if he needed an ID to vote. As it happens, it is that simple, none. Always, we dismiss these guys when in reality, the future belongs to them and the decisions we make today are those for which they are the ones to pay for dearly - decades on. Jeremy knows that and, the Corbyn I know has been consistent; power to the people - the weak, the marginalized, the voiceless but above all, those mandated. 

Whichever way this eventually ends 12 months from today; politics should never be the same again: that of arrogance, impunity and the sense of 'entitlement' that some portray in Westminster and of course - at Kampala. Change is possible, just believe in better.

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