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Afuwa Kasule's Claim:  The Timbuktu Manuscripts Destruction was MOSSAD'S DIRTY WAR on TOURISM in the ISLAMIC WORLD 

Truth: Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi, a self-confessed Isis terrorist set legal history by becoming the first person to be convictedby the ICC of the International Law Crime of CULTURAL GENOCIDE.



'Afuwa Kasule' via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community <>

to uganda-muslim-.
Timbuktu was a centre of Islamic learning from the 13th to the 17th Centuries. 700,000 manuscripts have survived in public libraries and private collections, which includes books on religion, law, literature and science from the Islamic world. Astronomy was even taught by early Islamic scientists, and some of the manuscripts explain alchemical properties of heating metals and salts - which formed the basis for the modern science of chemistry. Timbuktu is a Unesco world heritage site with three mosques and 16 cemeteries and mausoleums - Timbuktu is one of the most important sites in Africa for attracting tourists. The early Islamic schools at Timbuktu played a major role in spreading Islam in West Africa; the oldest mosque dates from 1329...

So how come "Islamists" have been destroying all the ancient mausoleums and even smashed up a MOSQUE? Isn't that the type of activity which Jewish people, who have traditionally been the enemies of Islam and Christianity - isn't that what Jewish people would do to such as ancient site? How come a group of 'Islamic Extremists' are blamed for smashing up ancient Islamic Mosques? Many historical texts have been lost, many mausoleums smashed. Frankly, this shows that local vagabonds have been bribed to smash up Islamic heritage and run around proclaiming their devotion to Sharia Law - well Sharia does not allow for there to be DISRESPECT of people and culture. The smashed ruins of Timbuktu is proof that there is a dark INTELLIGENCE OPERATION in full swing - and that these 'radicals' are on the payroll of Mossad and/or MI6.

So far, all of the Islamic world's most important TOURIST DESTINATIONS have been spooled by these 'Islamic Extremists'. Baghdad's Babylon Gate statues smashed by ISIS, Museums ransacked in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood and now Timbuktu's treasures defiled by 'rebels' from the Al-Qaeda-allied Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith) group. How, exactly, is it 'defending the faith of Islam, by smashing Timbuktu's three ancient Sidi Yahya mosque? The rebels smashed into the doors - this ancient building - closed for centuries due to local beliefs that to open the mosque's doors would bring misfortune - was ram raided by the 'brothers' who 'defend the faith'.

-----Christopher Everard

Bobby Alcantara <>

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Afuwa Kasule,

I am beginning to loose all respect for you if you continue to post this type of garbage. Please stop living in denial. Every body knows Islamic zealots are the ones who have destroyed most of the ancient and historic cultural monuments such as the ones in Timbuktu, in Syria and in Afhganistan. Don't you ever read UNESCO reports? All these hsitoric monuments and sites, like the Timbkutu Libraries and its ancient manuscripts  were all UN Heritage sites, all protected ny the UN under International Treaties. The UN has invesigated their despoliation and destruction and it is clear that it is Al Qaeda and its numerous franchises that have carried out these barbaric and primitive acts of cultural genocide. Please stop living in denial. Blaming Mossad or Israel for the actions of brain-washed muslim fanatics is a very stupid distraction. All acts of cultural genocide mus be condemned. It serves no purpose for you to accuse Mossad or Israel for a crime it has not committed and in fact, has no interest in committing. Please wake up from you

ICC ruling for Timbuktu destruction 'should be deterrent for others'

Judge says he hopes nine-year sentence passed on Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi will deter other attacks on heritage sites

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi at his trial on charges of involvement in the destruction of historic mausoleums in Timbuktu.

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