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{UAH} Beware - NetSpend Pre-paid Debit Card

Community Members,

My son Noah recently graduated from High School and received a pre-paid debit card as a 
gift.  The card was from a company called NetSpend.  When Noah tried  to access
the money on this card, he was instructed to first submit his social 
security number and date of birth.  Fortunately, we have totally forbidden  him
to give out this information to anyone without first securing our  permission.

When I called the customer service number to resolve this issue, the only 
option given was an automated response which demanded that I first submit a 
social security number and date of birth.  I found this to be extremely 
suspicious and spent about an hour calling all kinds of alternative numbers 
before I finally talked to a human.  This is what I learned.

The money can only be accessed after the submittal of a social security 
number and date of birth.  Without these, all the money is forfeit.   If one
takes the time to read the small print in their discolsure documents,  there
is a part that clearly states that all information collected will be  shared
with others.

"If you are a new customer, we can begin sharing your  information 30 days
from the date we sent this notice.  When you are not  longer our customer,
we continue to share your information as described in this  notice."

In my opinion, this is a total scam and this company should be avoided at 
all costs.  We decided to go with the forfeit option.

Thought you might want to know.


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