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{UAH} Black Men Aren't Safe in Mississippi! Man Was Hung In His Own Yard, Plus A Severed Head & Burned Torso Sends A Message

Black Men Aren't Safe in Mississippi! Man Was Hung In His Own Yard, Plus A Severed Head & Burned Torso Sends A Message


Within the last few weeks, Jackson, Mississippi has become a particularly dangerous place to be a Black man. For starters, the hanging death of Phillip Carrol on Memorial Day was ruled a suicide in spite of eyewitness testimony from the man who knew him well and found him swinging from a tree with his hands bound. 

But the second incident, however, is even more gruesome as Jeremy Jerome Jackson was shot in the leg and then decapitated while he was still alive. In the same neighborhood as Carrol's, Jackson's head was found on the front porch of a home at 1536 Deer Park Street on the morning of June 10. Around 3 p.m., his burned torso was discovered in a field about a mile away on Green Avenue. 

Jackson Police believe that someone might be trying to send the city or perhaps some group or individual a message because little was done to conceal the 30-year old's remains or hide his identity. They were able to take fingerprints from the body and his face was easily recognizable.

There are no leads or witnesses at this point so the JPD offered a $20,000 reward for any information that might result in the arrest and conviction of the killer(s). Considering the nature of this particular crime, they have also called in the FBI, DEA, and ATF to assist in the investigation.

"The second incident involving the severed head decapitated torso has given us the impression that perhaps we needed to reach out for help from our federal partners simply because this was a shocking, brutal, bizarre incident that is truly unique to the City of Jackson," Police Chief Lee Vance said. "And right now we have very, very little information as it relates to either one of these cases."


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Needless to say, the local community is outraged. Considering the hostile relationships that exist between law enforcement and the Black community, it has become necessary for citizens to police the police. Activists have their boots on the ground in Jackson to ensure that the deaths of these two men get the attention they deserve. 

The New Black Panther Party hosted a rally on June 14 at the Mississippi State Capitol Building to demand justice. National Chairwoman Krystal Muhammad has vowed to keep a presence in Jackson until the truth comes out and the criminals are prosecuted.

"The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense along with other concerned people of the Black community, the new African community, are calling for justice for Phillip Carrol... We are here to stand for justice for Jeremy Jackson," she said. "In seven days we have had two lynchings in Jackson, Mississippi, and we are here to do an on-the-ground investigation to find out the facts of what is actually taking place here."

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't believe that racism is alive and well in this country, you are in denial. If Black people aren't being shot or choked to death by police, we are being hung from trees or dismembered. Ignoring the cries for justice will only make matters worse. Sooner or later, the ugly truth will darken all of our doorsteps. Stand up before it is too late.

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