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{UAH} Causes of noisy stomach pain

Causes of noisy stomach pain


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

What causes stomach pain coupled with noise. I have been told the disease is called ekigalanga and will prevent me from getting pregnant. Is this true?


Dear Cecilia,

It is a common belief that due to witchcraft, women, apart from being barren, may have lots of air in the abdomen causing pain. This array of symptoms, often referred to as ekigalanga is believed to be a traditional disease associated with traditional cures.
However, it is likely that the abdominal pain is caused by infections in the fallopian tubes leading to blockage and associated infertility.

Abdominal gas may result from other causes including peptic ulcers and stress following inability to get pregnant.
Excessive gas as it moves in the intestines creates the familiar rumbling noises (borborygmi).
Too much gas may also lead to a swollen abdomen in a woman who has taken long to get pregnant. Fibroids may also be a cause. So, there is no magic about the cause and treatment of ekigalanga. Visit your doctor for further examination.


Gwokto La'Kitgum
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