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Rumoured illness of self-styled god Bisaka causes anxiety

Mr Bisaka at a function at the h

Mr Bisaka at a function at the headquaters of his faith. Photo by Francis Mugerwa 

By Francis Mugerwa

Hoima/Kagadi- Speculation about the ill health of Mr Owobusobozi Bisaka, a self-proclaimed god and leader of Faith of Unity, a religious group in Kagadi District still rages.
Some sections of the media posted online on Monday that Mr Bisaka was ill and had been flown to Kenya for treatment.

The news of the alleged sickness of Mr Bisaka has been a major subject of debate on social media and local radio stations in Bunyoro region where he has over a hundred places of worship scattered in various sub-counties.
The headquarters of the faith are located at Kayemi Hill in Muhorro Town Council.

According to Mr Turyamureba, the discussion of the health of their leader has raged for a long time and they have decided to leave people to say whatever they want.
"Those rumours are not new. They have been on for a long time but we are unbothered," said Omukwenda Turyamureba who heads the Communications Department of the religious group. Some claimed that he had died which of course was false. I brought several journalists to attend his birthday celebrations and they saw him alive," Mr Turyamureba said.

Mr Bisaka receives a gift from on

Mr Bisaka receives a gift from one of his followers. Photo by Francis Mugwera

On Tuesday, top leaders of the faith were holding a meeting at their headquarters.

Mr Bisaka's son Omukwenda Musimbi says his father is working normally.

"We even celebrated his birth day on June 11 and the celebrations were excellent," Mr Musimbi said.
Mr Bisaka was Born on June 11, 1930 in Buyanja County in Kibaale District, to Petero Byombi, who served as a catechist in Bujuni Parish for over 50 years.
At the age of eight, Bisaka lived with his grandfather Alifonsio Wenkere, who was also a catechist and his grandmother Malita Nyakake.

In a biography which he published in 1987, Mr Bisaka says Nyakake taught him about the goodness of God and when he enrolled for secondary education at Mugalike SS in 1944, he got interest in becoming a priest which dream never materialised.
Before founding the Faith of Unity in the early 1980s, Bisaka was a teacher at Muhorro Primary School and choir master in Muhorro Catholic Church. According to his biography, he served as secretary and chairman of the Muhorro Parish Council.

Mr Bisaka arrives to lead prayers at th

Mr Bisaka arrives to lead prayers at the headquaters of his faith in Muhorro, Kagadi District. Photo by Francis Mugerwa

The soft spoken man is a singer. Before leaving the Catholic Church, Mr Bisaka composed several songs which included Nkaikiriza Ruhanga Murungi, which he wrote in 1975.
He rarely appears in public. When he appears, he moves in a fleet of sleek cars. He convoy is heavily guarded by UPDF soldiers.

The Faith of Unity reportedly has followers in Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan among others.
Mr Bisaka says he left Roman Catholicism experiencing "special powers and a loud voice from God" that directed him to start healing people.
"On February, 22, 1980 I accepted and touched a sick person who got healed," Mr Bisaka says.
He does not hold radio talk shows to attract followers to his faith.

His followers pray on every 2nd, 12th and 22nd of each month. He emphasizes to his followers to list good things they want to achieve on a daily basis.

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