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{UAH} Ethiopia begins manufacturing vehicles’ motors

Ethiopia begins manufacturing vehicles' motors
20 Jun 2017

The Ethiopian Power Engineering Industry organized under the Metals and Engineering Corporation said it has begun manufacturing motors for vehicles used for automotive, construction and agricultural activities.

Industry General Manager Major Assefa Yohannes told the daily Addis Zemen that the industry has begun manufacturing motors that would help modernize the agriculture thereby advancing the industrial development.

The industry is scoring a rapid economic development in the country in the past consecutive years and to transform the economic structure from agriculture driven to industry led economy.

He said the industry is manufacturing motors with a capacity of 2.2 to 400 KW used for collecting harvest , construction small motors to loader and excavator, and for automotive busses, truck and pickups as well as other vehicles.

He said the trial manufacturing was launched four months ago and so far over 2,000 motors have been manufactured. Bishoftu Automotive Engineering has received a 700 busses order while the Adama Agricultural Machinery has also started manufacturing motors.

Laid on 30,000 hectares of land the recently completed motor manufacturing factory in Mekelle town is targeting the foreign market with the capacity to produce 20, 000 motors annually, he said.

He said some 30 percent of the manufacturing inputs produced locally and while the balance would be imported based on the specification of the corporation. He said government and private organizations are exerting efforts to reach 80 percent of the inputs to be produced locally.

According to major Assefa, currently the factory has created 500 jobs and close to 2,000 citizens would get jobs in the near future.

Ethiopian Metal Engineering Corporation aspires to facilitate industry development, address market gap and advance the transformation of industrialization-led economy with 16 industries and close to 100 factories, according to a report filed by the daily Amharic Addis Zemen.


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