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{UAH} Fellow in Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Societal and Policy issues, needed

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow in Mathematical Modelling and
Statistical Analysis of Societal and Policy issues

Strathclyde Global Talent Programme

Be bold. Be innovative. Be a 'Strathclyder'

We are the University of Strathclyde. Our vision is bold and ground
breaking, placing us amongst the world's leading international
technological universities. We are vibrant, dynamic and passionate
about solving the challenges facing society and industry through our
cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research, education and
knowledge-exchange with global partners.

Through our Strathclyde Global Talent Programme we will recruit up to
60 outstanding academic colleagues - including Strathclyde
Chancellor's Fellows - in areas of strategic importance. One area of
importance is Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis of
Societal and Policy issues.

This multi-disciplinary research area includes research that addresses
major challenges in the key areas of:

Risk Prediction in Global Health Epidemiology, Digital Health and
Pharmaco-Epidemiology: Developing and using appropriate statistical
methods is a major challenge when analysing large sets of linked
health data. Our focus is on developing new technologies by harnessing
this data to prevent disease and manage treatments.
Modelling of Marine Ecosystems: Stewardship of marine ecosystems
whilst enabling sustainable exploitation of the goods and services
they provide is a major scientific and policy challenge. Our focus is
on development of mathematical models and statistical analyses to
reveal how ecosystems respond to climate and human activity and assist
policy makers.
Stochastic Modelling: Involves modelling, analysis and
implementation of numerical methods that help us to understand and
predict uncertainty in real world scenarios such as those found in the
finance industry.

Normally appointed at Lecturer level, the Fellowship will last for 5
years during which you will be supported to establish your career as a
research leader and achieve rapid career progression. Fellows who meet
the criteria for promotion by the end of the 5 year period will be
transferred to an open-ended (tenured equivalent) academic
appointment. You will also benefit from research portfolio growth,
reduced teaching load and administrative duties and a range of

You will hold a PhD, have postdoctoral research experience, an
emerging high quality publications record and research interests which
align with our strategic focus. You must be able to articulate your
research vision.

For further details and to apply to be a 'Strathclyder in Mathematical
Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Societal and Policy issues.,
impress us with your bold and innovative research plan at:

Closing Date: Sunday 24 September 2017.


Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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