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{UAH} Former Met Police Chief Inspector In his damning interview Accuses May and the Tories

Frank Mujabi,

The Police has decided to go to war with Theresa May as they blame her for the Terror attacks being carried out by muslims. The police feel that their hands are tied behind their backs.  they are expected to mount 24 hour surveillance on some muslim terrorists on the watch list  but they dont have the budget for this. Instead of recruiting more officers, the government is instead reducing the numbers and closing down many police stations.  They are also very angry with the courts, accusing the courts and lawyers of being on the side of the muslim terrorists and against the safety and security of citizens.


Theen Rah and Ed Clarke posted in 2 groups.
Unity March News
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Peter Kirkham, former Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service has just come out on Sky News and accused Theresa May and The Conservativesof lying about the number of readily available Police Officers on our streets.

#ToriesOut #MakeJuneTheEndOfMay #TheresaMayResign

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