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From The Editor
For a region that appeared relatively unaffected by the turbulence
around it, differences between members of the GCC erupted in
spectacular fashion. A vicious media onslaught in domestic Saudi
Arabian and Emirati media outlets accused the State of Qatar of aiding
and supporting terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaedawhile also
supporting their nemesis and ideological opposites
Hezbolla, the Houthi rebels and Iran, the latter also supposedly being
a very close ally of Qatar

This was then followed by the cutting off of all diplomatic relations
between themselves and Qatar, with Egypt
and Bahrain following suit. This was then escalated into a full-blown
bloackade ([UNIQID])
; air land and sea borders were blocked to Qatari planes, ships and

The irony of such accusations were not lost on many in the region who
made quick to point out the inaccuracies and contradictions
in such claims. Almost all GCC countries have understandings and trade
with Iran. Indeed the UAE enjoys almost 90% of all GCC trade with
Iran. Furthermore, Qatari troops have fought alongside Saudi troops in
Yemen against the Houthis.

Trumps tacit support for this campaign has proven to be just as fickle
as his decision making; after accusing Qatar of funding terrorism,
various state departments moved quickly to reassure the international
community that Qatar is in fact a valuable ally in the global war on
terror, not least because it hosts the largest US airbase.

What this shows is that there is a greater responsibility on the UK
and other influential European powers
to help and take a moral stand when it comes to issues in the Arab
world. At such a crucial juncture, much can be done to support the
will of the people and their quest for self-determination. Remaining
bystanders, as they did during the Arab Spring, is no longer an
option. Qatar has its faults, but it took a commendable role in
supporting the people of Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya during
their Arab Spring. The western world must not look on as larger
countries try to punish Qatar for doing that.

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Meme Of The Week
Outside The Echo Chamber
* Saudi and Emirati ** dissatisfaction with Qatar
does not stem from any tangible or credible 'threat'
* The London Bridge attack was covered extensively, but where was the
reporting on Kabul, Baghdad and Tehran this week? Western ** media
bias  ([UNIQID])
in action.
* ** This is how
the American empire ends; not with a bang, but with a Tweet.

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