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{UAH} Get involved against land grabbing

I'm saddened by the recent cabinet hideous act where it instituted that all the idle land across the country shall be taken over by government forcefully for development purposes. Which development purposes?

We as Ugandans should counter react the odious NRM Contrive of stealing land for their benefit. We shouldn't cower when the enemies of people, the brute elements act with impunity to rob the people.

I'm happy that Dr Kiiza Besigye augured that the rascals were bound to come up with such schemes that would render citizens landless, doesn't he deserve a crystal clear handshake of honour for his straight augury?

Every year, thousands of acreages of land are given out to "investors" to set up manufacturing industries, that Ugandans would get jobs and economy would grow progressively. Where is the report detailing how this has reduced on unemployment rate? Instead the country continues to sink in the abyss which is contrary to swelling expectations of dear Ugandans.

I implore all of you concerned Ugandans to rally behind the campaign "My land, My life" after all it's people's power that thwart such hideous moves by the NRM cartels lest our land will be subjected to grabbing for selfish moves.

Get involved in the campaign for our land.

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, Rukungiri.

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