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{UAH} Gideon Mugume Go to hell let IVAN rest in peace

Fellow Ugandans

Allow me to say this to u all that each member of a family has a right to remember or send off their person in the best way they wish and also depending in what tge dead person requested upon his or her death. 

Now this Gedeon Mugume has written so many letters to people like Bank of Uganda..Minister of Ethics...IGP..etc...the judicial system to issue an order to dismantle Ivan Semwangas grave to collect money from the the gave. According to him it was wrong it was not accetepable to offer alcohol and money in the grave where Iavan is rested. 

Gideon goes on to suggest that these boys cane with little money fished it out in the grave instead of using that money to help people in schools or offer them food. That priple in Kayunga sleep hungry...

Also suggested that these people ahould be arrested and thrown into Luzira. 

I feel so so sorry for cheap and less exposed people like Gedeon. 

First of all Ivan friends chose to burry away they wanted to remember him. Also they did what Ivan used to love doing. 

When Ivan used to come and offer money on streets why did Gedeon not complain is it because now he feels he wont benefit from him anymore or what. 

Is Gedeon trying to raise his name to  the public  so he can be known by talking about Ivan or what simply he saw mentioning Ivan would give him.more viewers or what... 

These friends of Ivan did no harm at all in my view. 

Why should they be focusing on building schools...Gedeon himself they are the peiple in govt...building schools is govt responsibility. If govt needs help let them contact these boys peacefully for help and build schools....but they should not be denied a right to live a life of their choice. 

Gedeon goes on to say that these boys they come here and they dont have even a house in their own home where they come from me this is demeaning people. 

Gedeons poverty should not be extended to ugandans leaving abroad once they come home they are home irrespective of wheather they have built houses or not. Ugandans leaving abroad also have bills and houses they pay for or live in. Also its where they live they count as home. 

These boys are not a govt. Uganda govt has its responsibility to gight poverty..provide food for its people but not the rich gang.

These boys or ugandans leaving abroad should not be seen to be dealing with inter polical dilemas ...they are not economic messiahs for uganda . Uganda govt has more money than its nationals abroad thus it should focus on buding house for its citzeens than blaming ugandan abroad. 

So seeing ugandans when they come home and ugandans start opening their poverty mouth on not acceptable. 

I was suprised that ugandan money is legal tender should not be misused like that..... what about the billions the president and his concumbines have been throqing left and right....what about the Billions being counted missing frommBanks to forwign agencies...ehat about about taxes collected but cant accounted for....what is legal tender....

just about 200.000 which was thrown in Ivans grave simply Gedeon and his thieves did not get the chance to get it of get access to the rich gang he feels terrible and now has aproached their usual corners to get these young innocent boys who have lost their friend to be that they should be arrested and thrown in Luzira....what for ?

He goes to say ugandas money is legal tender where there so many signatures from the govenour....which is which and what legal tender in uganda anyway...we have Rwandese playing in ugandas money... Somalis...Congoles..Sudanese...every katogo....but simply because these young boys are not in their click of govt of theives...they Gedeon feels terrible and jelous about them. Let him educate his son to get their level ...before he raise his mandible...

Gedeon should never ...expect ugandans leaving abroad to come and his job...he is in offcie of which he enjoys wearjng expensive suits but not constructing a school in his own area himself but hos bussy going on these little boys who are young but trying their best to cope with life in their own style........

Please govt dont give space of wasted brains like Gedeons to attract attention. Uganda has so many people and problems that need attention. 

Gedeon go to hell Ivan rest in peace.  

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