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{UAH} Heart On Hand: Singer Rihanna Becomes A Mathematics Teacher In Malawi!!

Edward Irundrua,

When I said I will take up teaching youngsters as soon as I complete the required training, you called me silly and arrogant. What would you call Rihanna then, who is teaching Mathematics to Malawian children? A buffoon?


Ps: I hope you know who Rihanna is!!!

Heart On Hand: Singer Rihanna Becomes A Mathematics Teacher In Malawi!!

Besides jewelry and other luxury cars, the singer Rihanna gives her person to help the poor!

Rihanna is not only gifted in music. Indeed, it also gives much of its person in the humanitarian. She went to Malawi to teach maths to children!

Rihanna, heart on hand!

Rihanna is known to be a bad girl, tattooed and does not have her tongue in her pocket. But apart from this image, the interpreter of "Diamonds" is much milder when it comes to helping the most disadvantaged populations.

So, at the beginning of the year, she traveled to Africa, and more precisely to Malawi, through a humanitarian journey. The Barbadian singer has taught mathematics at a rather special school …

Indeed, she gave her person to disadvantaged girls, during a stay organized by the Clara Lionel Foundation.

Rihanna is more committed than ever to helping children. She thinks that learning can be facilitated through music. The courses given by the young woman were made in music. The good humor reigned. Rihanna and the African girls were very happy to work together.


Rihanna elected personality of the year!

It's not for nothing that Riri was recently rewarded by the prestigious University of Harvard! Indeed, she was elected personality of the year, for her humanitarian commitment!

Today, Rihanna 's goal is to raise at least $ 3.1 billion. A huge sum, which could help more than 870 million children!

But Rihanna is not afraid of the challenges, and she plans to take on this one!And to achieve its ends, the pretty brunette has expressed itself in a very moving video. A good way to communicate on this very beautiful initiative.

"They retain the melodies perfectly and assimilate them quickly. It could even be a new tool to learn," she says.

And that's not all ! The singer has also invested in modern equipment, for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Bridgeton in Barbados, her home island. What generosity!



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