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{UAH} Khaled Meshall: Hamas Leader

Afuwa Kaslue/Mayimuna

Here is Khaled Meshaal, still believed to be the overall leader of Hamas, outlining a new strategy for the movement. I met this man once about 17 years ago. You can see he is grappling with the issue that I have been raising here, again and again. The Palestine struggle has lost focus because the Islamists have turned it into a religious war, but the Palestinian struggle should be one for national  liberation and self-determination. Religion should play a minimal role, if any- but organisations like Islamic Jihad, which also started life inside Hamas, have subverted the struggle and turned it into one of fighting a muslim cause, and for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate. This has depleted international support for the Palestinian struggle and corterminously also strengthened the Zionist argument that they are fighting for survival. Support for the Palestinian cause was at its strongest when it was led by socialists and communists, but this has now drastically reduced since Islamists became associated with the struggle. I am glad that Meshaal has recognised this problem- an issue that we communists who support the Palestinian struggle, have been telling him again and again. he must listen to us.


Palestine Action Committee shared TRT World's video.
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TRT World

"We are not fighting Israelis because of their religion. We fight against those who occupy our lands."

We speak with the former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Crossing The Line, as we explore what life is like in Gaza for Palestinians in the besieged strip. Watch the full episode here:

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