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Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi <>

2:52 PM (9 minutes ago)

to ugandans-at-he.
Frank Mujabi, l had decided to ignore you, but with this public challenge, l have, at last, answered you like this.
l was born a Muslim and l am a Muslim of a fifth generation, where Islam has been  part of my life and family both nucleus and extended.
The first Muslim in our family was the later Bumbakali (Abubaker) Semyano, who is buried in Gombe, Butambala, a Mujungute (Muslim fighters under Kabaka Kalema and prince Mbogo based at Kijungute in Singo on Buganda - Bunyoro boarder), son of Gubya, at Kisawo near Lukaya in Buddu. I am now omukulu w'olunyiriri lwa Makaato at Kisawo under omutuba gwa Kateregga Luguma at Bukakkata, under Ssaababiito at Kibulala in Singo.
My great grand father, Asumani Mawanda Gunsiiriza Tabula was a "kadogo" in Kijungute during the religious wars on the Muslim side, and his brother Nyansi Bulenzi Kasajja was also a "kadogo" in Kabula, after which he became a nominal Roman Catholic at his Mailo land estates at Nnambiriizi in Mawogola, where he was a Muluka Chief, and Mbaale-Kitaasa Bukomansimbi. The former settled in Bukesa Mailo estate in Ngando Sub County, Butambala.
Asumani Mawanda married Asia Nakato from Kisawo but a Mugangaizi  origins from Bagezza near Mubende in Buweekula, she was of Nte clam, converted her from Christianity and she produced my grand father, and she died a Muslim in 1977 aging 110 years and was buried at Nambiriizi in Mawogola.
My grand father, Zuli Arabi Iddi Dungu Mukasa Kimera, missed formal education, where his uncle Nyansi Kasajja wanted to take him to a Roman Catholic school at Kitaasa in Bukomansimbi, in fear that he could be converted to Roman Catholicism ( l later studied in that school, secondary section).
He married the late Jemewo Nakanwagi, who was born a Muslim and died a Muslim, she was of Ngabu Ennyunga clan and was buried at Ng'ando Butambala. However her mother, was a Christian, buried at Katengeeto between Kagologolo and Bukomansimbi.
My father, the late Sheikh Abbaas Zuli Arabi Nkangabwa Kimera was tutored by his uncle the late Sheikh Zaid Katereggamugenyasooka and died District Imaam, Masaka under Africa Muslim Community Juma Sect Bukoto Nateete in 2002. l am his heir.
My mother Hadija Nankya is a Muslim of Mamba Gabunga clan, her father the late Haji Salim Mubiru Busuli buried at Muguluka-Mateete Mawogola, was a Muslim, her mother Mariam Nakabuye of Ngeye clan  married at Lusaana-Kalungu was a Muslim. Her grand fathers; Musa Nsubuga at Kyanjovu-Kitengeesa and Khalifani Bakkabulindi at Lusaana were Muslims, so were her grand mothers; Janati Kyofunoioyagala of Nkima clan buried at Kyanjovu and Missa Nalubega of Ngabi Ensamba clan buried at Lusaana.
Her great grand father, Saad Kifampa Kinywakyamaggwa buried at Kanywa in Buddu, was the first Muslim in their family, as he converted to the religion of his mother, who had separated from his father who was a Christian at Golola in Gomba.

My wife, Fatuma Naludigo Namatovu, of Ngabi,originating from Kamuswaga lineage Kooki, was born at Kankalange village in Mawogola, the daughter of Haji Muhammad Matovu, who converted from Protestantism to Islam in late sixties and went for Hajd in 1977. Her mother Hasifah namutbi of Mamba Kakoboza clan, of Kasekera in Mawogola, was daughter of the late Haji Mansur Damulira, who originated from Kajara in Ankole where he was born after his parents run away from Buganda's religious wars. Her grandmother, Jalia Nabakooza, of Nte clan, is a Munyankore, who was born a Christian and converted to Islam in 1950s upon marriage.

Frank, l am a solid Muslim. But in our Kateregga Luguma  sub clan, the majority are Roman Catholics and we have no problem with Christians be Roman Catholics, Anglicans or Balokole. My Muslim grand father (Zuli Mukasa) was groomed by his nominal Roman Catholic uncle (Nyansi Kasajja) and he succeeded his brother (Matiya Makaato) who was a Roman Catholic and l am the fifth successor.
l started my schooling in a Qur'an school where l learnt to recite the Holy Qur'an and Arabic alphabet, l studied CRE at primary and secondary level, at a  masters level  in religion, so l can make comparisons, and to me , Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahaism are all Abarahamic religions which share a lot in common but in my view, is superior. However being a Muslim does not lead me to turn away with my Africanness and heritage because l was not born a Jew or an Arab but an African, Muganda, Munnabuddu, Luo Mubiito and l have nothing to do with my accident of birth.
Lastly, l am principled person, other wise, l would have fallen into things however dirty they may have been. Over to you Frank.

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2Rashid Ibraheem and Abdallah Mukasa


Ahmed Musaazi

Ahmed Musaazi That is a real Ahmed Abbaas Zuli Arabi Asumani Kateregga Kimera, Mawanda Musaazi Makaato.

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 · Reply · June 6, 2016 at 10:24pm

Ndawula Hamza

Ndawula Hamza My journalist

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 · Reply · June 7, 2016 at 12:03am

Ahmed Musaazi

Ahmed Musaazi Hamza, it is Facebook that has sent me what l had put there three years ago, i was answering Frank, who advised me to get converted to Born Again, if l get prominent   government or political job....

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 · Reply · June 7, 2016 at 1:33am

Ronald Kayanja

Ronald Kayanja Mugandawange Ahmed Musaazi, sikumanyi nga musajja muyombi. Ani akutaankudde? Bantu baveeko ggwe kola mirimugyo. Ffe abamu tusiima.

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 · Reply · June 7, 2016 at 1:46am

Ahmed Musaazi

Ahmed Musaazi Ronald, bino bya dda nnyo, Facebook y'ekinzirizza, nali nyanukula Frank, three years ago ng'agamba nti okugwa mu bintu nina kumala kulokoka.

Thanks to President Yoweri Museveni and President Omar Hassan El Bashir of the Sudan who sponsored by holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in 2015.

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