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{UAH} Minister, priest clash over UPC flag

Caption says Besigye is seen condoling the bereaved wife. If this smiling face is the face of a condoling man then all funeral goers in Uganda must be screened for seriousness. Instead, Besigye is in campaign mood - possibly, through Swing Districts, as they say of Swing States in the US.

Minister, priest clash over UPC flag

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye, condoles the family of the late Dr Edward Okiror Oumo in Amuria District on Monday. PHOTO BY SIMON PETER EMWAMU 


AMURIA- Relief and Disaster preparedness State minister Musa Ecweru at the weekend clashed with a Catholic priest at the burial of former Uganda's High Commissioner to Zambia under the Milton Obote II regime.

Trouble started when Fr Simon Peter Obelekek, who led the requiem mass for Dr Edward Okiror Oumo in Osakai Village, Amuria District, stepped in to stop a fracas between Ecweru's younger brother Robert Adiama and UPC party stalwarts.

Fr Obelekek, who seemed to have been the target of the brawl for his support of the UPC team, shot back that he wasn't bothered by the NRM party members' threat of stopping a UPC party flag being laid on casket of their fallen member.

Mr Adiama had moved to block UPC big wigs in Teso led by the Kapelebyong County MP Julius Ochen from draping a UPC flag on the casket carrying the remains of Oumo, who died in exile in Zambia on June 20, 2017. Oumo also served as High Commissioner to Zimbabwe and Bostwana.
"What's wrong with that? Allow them lay their flag on the casket," the man of God ordered. But Mr Ecweru shot back that the UPC team were interfering with the funeral.

But Fr Obelekek stood his ground despite protests from the minister to stop the UPC team that included Amuria District Council chairperson Robert Okitoi Erisat, former Constiuennt Assembly delegate and MP Winnie Adio from laying their party flag on the coffin.
The NRM team eventually removed the UPC flag claiming their party, and not UPC, organised the return of Oumo's body.

Mr Ochen also said its illogical for the NRM members to assume ownership of dead bodies of UPC party members, who have been living in exile as refugees for fear of the NRM regime.
"The late (Oumo), until his demise in exile, was a UPC stalwart; why and how do they (NRM) deny UPC pay their respects in UPC norms?" he queried.
In a new twist, former FDC party presidential candidate Kizza Besigye also stormed the burial ceremony unannounced to pay tribute to the late Oumo, whom he described as father, who housed him for four years when he also went into exile.

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